Beth Chapman's Daughter Shares Photo From Hospital While Updating Fans

There haven't been many updates surrounding Beth Chapman since news broke of her being placed in a medically-induced coma. The Dog the Bounty Hunter star is currently in the Queen's Medical Center ICU, according to Hawaii News Now, after she was taken there due to a choking emergency. Most of Beth's family has asked for prayers online, or have shown support by sharing pictures of the matriarch on their social media pages, but not many updates have been given as they go through this difficult time.

Beth's youngest daughter, Bonnie Jo Chapman, has been doing her best to update fans of the family regarding the scary situation. On Sunday afternoon, Bonnie tweeted that she was heading home to Hawaii, and later shared a snap on her Instagram story with brother Garry Chapman letting followers know they had landed.

Later in the day, the 20-year-old shared a photo from a hospital room, according to Pop Culture, where she offered the best update she could on her mother.

"There's not much of an update I can give, I can say she's getting good care," Bonnie wrote on her Instagram Story. "I know you guys wanted more, but yknow it's a coma, much much [sic] can be updated."

The photo only showed the floor of the hospital room and some medical equipment, but fans were comforted knowing Beth's daughter was with her during this difficult time. Bonnie's update suggests Beth is still in her coma since she admitted to not having much to share with her followers.

Over on Twitter, Bonnie asked her followers to continue praying for her mother. Duane "Dog" Chapman also asked for prayers for his wife yesterday morning when the story broke, but the bounty hunter has not shared anything on social media since. Bonnie also liked a Facebook post from the Dog's Most Wanted social media page. The reality show is Beth and Dog's newest venture and has yet to debut on WGN America. The show is expected to air in the fall.

For now, fans are sticking close to the social media pages of everyone in the Chapman family. Leland Chapman, Jamie Chapman, and Lyssa Chapman have all shown support for Beth online in forms of family photos. Lyssa tweeted out "#KeepFightingBeth," while also noting that she's been with her stepmother in Hawaii.

Leland's wife, Jamie, also clapped back a troll who left a mean comment of a photo of her and Beth. The commenter asked Jamie why she was posting photos of Beth after being mean to her on social media.

"Now is not the time to start s*** because I will destroy you," Jamie wrote back.