Texas To Open 85 MPH Stretch Of Highway Making It The Fastest Highway In America

Authorities in Texas are planning to open a stretch of highway between Austin and San Antonio, Texas that will allow motorists to cruise at a speedy 85 miles per hour.

The Texas Department of Transportation insists that this new toll road being built between the two major Texas cities are built to specifications that will allow drivers to the push the higher than average speeds.

“It was designed under extremely high design parameters,” the state’s Speed Management Director, Darren McDaniel told WOAI radio.

The newly proposed speed is drawing many skeptics as people argue that when the speed limit rises so does the likelihood of major accidents.

Southwest Insurance Information Institute told Reuters in a report last year, “the higher the speed limit, the more accidents there are, the more injuries and the more deaths.”

Already faced with major congestion between Austin and San Antonio, Texans hope that this high speed toll road will provide a much needed relief for commuters between these two cities.

“It’s in a straight, flat area,” Texas DOT spokesman Mark Cross told Yahoo. “Safety is a priority. We want to make sure people understand that.”

Reuters also reports that according to the European auto rental firm Rhino Car Hire, 85 miles per hour would be the second highest posted speed limit in the world. Poland reportedly has a few roads with a posted speed limit of 86 miles per hour making them #1.

Do you feel that this new high speed toll road in Texas will be a safe option for motorists in the lone-star state?

Or do you feel that drivers will continually push the speed limit to 90+ miles per hour, putting other drivers at great risk?