Johnny Manziel Rumors: Cleveland Browns Could Cut QB?

Johnny Manziel rumors now suggest the Cleveland Browns should just cut the quarterback. Manziel has struggled with the Browns, not only on the field, but with police off the field as well. A report from CBS Sports on October 18 quoted former Pittsburgh Steelers coach Bill Cowher as he discussed what the team should do with Manziel. Nothing he had to say came with positive connotations for the former Texas A&M quarterback.

“I’ve watched Johnny Manziel now for a year and a half and I think he’s a backup quarterback at best. And he’s a distraction off the field. And listen, I believe in second chances but after the second chance, to me there’s a zero-tolerance policy. He can’t put himself into the position he put himself into. I would ask for his release and I would do it for this reason: in that locker room players want accountability… and that’s the message that needs to be sent right here, that you’re accountable for your actions both on the field and off the field.”

Johnny Manziel became a topic of conversation again after he and his girlfriend were questioned by police back on Monday, October 12. Police were called by a witness that stated she had seen Manziel pass her at an estimated speed of 90 miles an hour and that an argument was taking place in his white Nissan. She also stated that the girl in the vehicle, later identified as TCU student Colleen Crowley, had been trying to get out while it was moving. No arrests were made, but Manziel admitted that they had been drinking.

Cleveland Browns Fans Are Frustrated

A first-round pick of the 2014 NFL Draft, Johnny Manziel has appeared in two games this season, starting one of them. He has completed 21-of-39 passes for 354 yards. Manziel also has three touchdowns and an interception to his credit, with the team going 1-1 in those games. It was a vast improvement over what he did in the 2014 NFL season (175 total passing yards), but it wasn’t enough to hold down the starting job for the Cleveland Browns. Josh McCown became the starter again as soon as he was healthy enough to do it.

After passing for 356 yards against the San Diego Chargers on October 4 and then 457 yards against the Baltimore Ravens on October 11, McCown has basically taken over as the permanent start for the Browns. He also got the Browns back into a game against the Denver Broncos on October 18, but came up just short in overtime. He finished the day with 213 yards, two touchdowns, and two interceptions to his name. There were moments where it looked like he was about to lead the team to another win though.

Josh McCown Is Starting QB For Browns Now.

The front office in Cleveland has not held back when expressing disappointment about what Manziel has done since the team drafted him. This is what has pushed Johnny Manziel rumors about him simply getting cut by the team. A clean break like that would allow the team and its fans to move on, even if it would be admitting that the front office wasted a first-round selection on him. Removing a player that continues to bring negative attention to the franchise could push the team in a new direction. The risk, of course, is that he could finally figure things out and become the star of a new team.

Do would the Cleveland Browns really decide to simply release Manziel? The team is now 2-4 in the updated NFL standings and quickly falling out of the playoff race. With so many AFC teams struggling, though, it’s possible the team could still fight its way back to a wild card slot. There are currently only six teams with a record better than.500 in the AFC, putting the Browns just two games back of a playoff spot. While it’s a tough road ahead, putting an end to all future Johnny Manziel rumors by releasing him could begin the next chapter for this team.

[Image Sources: Jeff Gross, Jason Miller, and Joe Robbins / Getty Images]