Calum Best Arrested On Suspicion Of Sexual Assault

Police are reporting that actor/model Calum Best, most recently of Celebrity Big Brother U.K., was arrested on suspicion of sexual assault. The 34-year-old Best was with a 20-year-old woman in a Manchester hotel room when she ran out into the hallway hysterical and half clothed, claiming she had been assaulted.

Perez Hilton is reporting that Calum Best, son of George Best, a soccer player famous for his skills and his drinking, was taken into custody. The alleged victim was eager to press charges.

"She was hysterical. She ran out of the hotel. She claims Calum sexually assaulted her."
Best had been out on the town with friends, but was staying at the hotel.
"Officers arrested a 34-year-old man. He has been bailed until November pending further enquiries."
Nothing more will happen until the November hearing.
According to the Daily Mail, Best is known as a playboy man-about-town. Police arrested Best at 3:30 a.m. at the hotel, and was released on bail the next day. Officers said they found the woman's bra and belt in Best's hotel room as evidence. Calum's friend, Ashley Cain, another reality television personality, tweeted the word "misunderstood" soon after the arrest.
The Daily Record says that Calum Best's aunt, Barbara McNarry, is publicly criticizing Best for writing a tell-all book about his father, footballer George Best. Calum Best accused his father of abuse, and recalled a particular incident when he was 14.
"And boom! – his right hand whips up to my throat. The back of my head hits the wall, his hand tightens around my neck and my feet lift up off the ground."
McNarry's husband, Norman, has said that George Best would be very unhappy with the book.
"George would feel a great sense of betrayal at all this and at the nastiness of Calum's words. This has been a very painful ­experience for the entire family. We are not angry or bitter, we are just hurt and simply want to defend his father's memory."
George Best died at 59 after complications from a liver transplant that was necessary due to a life of excessive drinking.
"Calum's behaviour is causing us a lot of heartache – and for what? He is trying to rubbish the name and character of someone he is still trying to live off. Naturally, Barbara and I would want Calum to be a success – but the price of that success should not come at the attempted ruination of his father's character."
In the book, Calum Best recalls a variety of other experiences that if true, suggest child abuse.
The Belfast Telegraph mentions that Calum Best recently accepted an award for his father, which struck many fans as odd. They refer to Best as a part time model and television presenter. And Calum Best, who has acknowledged publicly that he too has problems with alcohol, says he would never lie about abuse.
"I don't tell these stories to put my dad down, I tell these stories to explain what happened in my life with him. In many selfish ways it's because I want people to know the journey I went through, maybe show the reasons for some of the things I did, and reasons for the things he did."
Perhaps that was the meaning of the tweeted word "misunderstood?" Regardless, Best has a big battle to fight in order to prove his innocence.

Do you think that Best is guilty of this crime?

[Photo courtesy of Ian Gavin / Getty Images]