Secret Service Sex Worker To Open Foundation For Prostitutes

Talk about sleeping your way into a new job, Dania Londoño Suarez, best known as the Colombian prostitute who was stiffed by a secret service agent has announced plans to open a non-profit organization to support women who have been affected by prostitution.

The announcement comes just after Suarez turned down a $500,000 pornography contract with Vivid Entertainment Group, an adult production company that was beat out by a small screen local TV network that will instead create a made-for-TV special about her life.

Londoño says the legitimate money she is now earning will be used to pay for her son’s education, a new house and the non-profit organization.

Londoño’s lawyers said of their clients recently choices:

“After the incident with president Barack Obama’s secret service, the San Andres native decided to leave the country and listen to all the offers coming her way… she is aware she’s been given a new opportunity to change the course of her life and because of that she asks that all Colombians support her in her upcoming projects.”

The public statement continued:

“The foundation will be based in Bogota, but it could operate anywhere and Dania will funnel to it part (of the money) she receives and has received.”

While Suarez is receiving TV deals, big new appearance and ultimately thousands of dollars it is interesting to witness how she is glamorizing prostitution while setting up a foundation to draw women away from the experience.

While the former prostitute may be glamorizing the sex trade in Colombia her organization could potentially do a lot of good as it is believes that 2,000 children are exploited in Colombia’s sex trade.

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