‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Sabrina Tells Michael She Is Pregnant, Will She Confess That This Baby May Not Be His?

Sabrina Santiago is pregnant on General Hospital, but she isn’t as happy as she should be about it. Her and Michael Corinthos have been together for a few months and have been pretty happy with how things were going between them. She has been upset since she found out that she was with child and everyone thought that it was because Michael is now more involved with the mob, but that is not exactly the case.

On Friday’s episode of General Hospital, Sabrina confessed to her guy that she was pregnant. Viewers have yet to see what Michael’s reaction will be, but the look on his face was shock. It was something that he never expected to hear. Even though it comes as a surprise, the young Corinthos may just be happy about it, especially since he got some experience raising baby sister Avery for a few weeks. Of course, there always seems to be a glitch in a soap couple’s happiness and the glitch in this case is that there is a chance that this baby is not Michael’s, as indicated by Soap Shows.

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Carlos Rivera was found dead this week after his body washed up on the docks. Fans of the soap know that Anna Devane shot him for killing the love of her life, Duke Lavery. While everyone now knows Carlos’ fate, they don’t know who actually killed him, expect for Paul Hornsby. Sabrina was upset by this news as she and Carlos have known each other for a long time. In fact, she let him stay at her place the night before he was killed. What viewers didn’t know until now was that they were intimate that night as well.

This brings up the reason why the expectant mom is really upset about this pregnancy because this baby may indeed be Carlos’ child, not Michael’s. This will be another “who’s the daddy” story line in classic soap opera fashion.


Tracy Quartermaine figured out that Sabrina was pregnant and encouraged her to tell Michael about it. However, she has no idea that it could very well not be a Quartermaine after all. Will Ms. Santiago confess to Michael that this baby may not be his? That is doubtful since Carlos is supposedly dead, so who would know for sure unless there was a paternity test done? That would probably be what she is thinking right now.

Of course, there is always a chance that Carlos isn’t dead after all. The body that was found wasn’t recognizable and even though DNA proves that it is Carlos Rivera, Paul Hornsby was the one who took care of that. He could have fixed it to look like Carlos. One theory is that the head mobster somehow saved Carlos’ life and has him holed up somewhere recovering. That would explain having his wallet on the body.

Since the report indicated that the man had only been dead for a couple of weeks, then it could very well be the body of Sloane, who Paul shot a little over two weeks ago, as Michael Fairman Soaps had reported. Could Carlos still be alive and well? Stranger things have happened on General Hospital. Fans would love to have actor Jeffrey Vincent Parise back as Carlos.

That would also let Anna Devane off the hook eventually for a murder charge. However, that would certainly complicate things for Sabrina Santiago if Carlos comes back to town alive and well.

Actress Teresa Castillo, who plays the role of Sabrina on General Hospital, is also expecting her second baby. She should be due pretty soon and in yesterday’s episode, you could tell that her character had a bulging tummy on her. Teresa was also pregnant with her daughter when Sabrina was expecting baby Gabriel. The writers have tied in both of the actresses’ pregnancies to her story lines on the soap, which is great for her. Hopefully, Sabrina’s baby will be born healthy this time around.

Teresa Castillo's first pregnancy (Photo by Charley Gallay/Getty Images for A Pea In The Pod)

Do you think Sabrina will tell Michael that this baby may not be his on Monday’s episode of General Hospital? Sound off in the comments on whether you think it is possible that Carlos could still be alive.

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