Jaclyn Smith Pays Tribute To 'Charlie's Angels' Co-Star Farrah Fawcett On 10th Anniversary Of Her Death

Jaclyn Smith is remembering her friendship with Farrah Fawcett. The former Charlie's Angels co-stars only worked together for one season, from 1976-77, on the iconic ABC crime drama series, but their friendship lasted for more than three decades until Fawcett's premature death 10 years ago.

Fawcett passed away on June 25, 2009 at age 62 after a lengthy battle with cancer. Fawcett documented her cancer crisis in the heartbreaking documentary series Farrah's Story, which aired on NBC shortly before her death. On the 10th anniversary of her dear friend Fawcett's death, Jaclyn Smith, 73, posted a throwback photo on Instagram to remember the late superstar.

The photo features Smith and Fawcett celebrating the fourth birthday of Smith's son, Gaston. Smith is pregnant with her daughter, Spencer, in the photo and Fawcett is holding her own infant son, Redmond, in her arms.

In the caption of the sweet photo, Smith recalls that "life couldn't have been better" at the time. The Charlie's Angels veteran also wrote that she can't believe that Farrah Fawcett has been gone for 10 years, noting that it feels like yesterday they were celebrating together with their young kids.

Many followers took to the comments to remark on Smith and Fawcett's beautiful friendship.

Fans can see Smith's sweet memory of her late friend below.

In an interview with People on the 10th anniversary of Farrah Fawcett's death, Jaclyn Smith revealed that when she worked with Fawcett alongside fellow Charlie's Angels co-star Kate Jackson, it felt like they were in a college dorm. Smith said she and Fawcett would often eat together in their trailers and that their friendship extended beyond the Charlie's Angels set.
"Sometimes we'd shop on weekends for what we were going to wear. We were not just actresses working, but girlfriends and it remained that way for 40 years."
Smith also revealed that when Fawcett decided to leave Charlie's Angels after only one season of the hit show, "We all supported her."

Smith recalled that Fawcett cried to her on the day she revealed her cancer diagnosis, but Smith never saw her cry about it again as the beloved television star remained strong throughout her battle.

"I miss her every day," Smith said of the late TV icon.

Fawcett shot to fame following her single season playing Jill Monroe for 29 episodes on the original Charlie's Angels series. The star later posed in her famous red swimsuit for an iconic poster that made her a pop culture legend.