Malia Obama Spotted At Beer Pong Table During Brown University Dorm Party

Malia Obama is a senior this year and, like many teens, is making the rounds touring colleges. However, unlike many teens, Obama is touring colleges of the Ivy League variety. One stop included an overnight stay at Brown University where the 17-year-old Obama stayed in a dorm room with a friend. Despite the fact that the Secret Service was nearby, Malia was able to attend a dorm party where she was photographed hanging around the beer pong table.

Buzzfeed reports that a number of snitches at Brown University just couldn’t keep quiet when Malia Obama was spotted at a dorm party. The president’s daughter was touring the university while apparently also checking out the social scene on campus. The 17-year-old Obama daughter was allegedly playing beer pong when a party-goer snapped a quick photo. The photo was uploaded to Snapchat with the poster noting that “Malia Obama is my next best friend.”

The Daily Caller obtained the screenshot of the Snapchat image from the party-goer that shows the teen standing next to the beer pong table. However, there are no photos taken of Malia actually playing the game. Despite the lack of photographic proof, numerous Brown University students tweeted about Malia Obama playing beer pong with one even noting how “casual” she was about the whole thing. The poster that originally noted that Malia was actually playing the game quickly deleted the tweet after it went viral; however, not before a screenshot of the dreaded tweet could be secured.

Malia Obama
Screenshot obtained by the Daily Caller regarding the allegedly Malia Obama beer pong incident.

Numerous other Brown University students commented on the fact that Malia Obama was in the building, noting the presence of the Secret Service. Some Twitter users indicated that the Secret Service may have waited right outside of the party room while Malia enjoyed some time alone inside.

Malia Obama
Brown University student says she was hanging out with Malia Obama while the Secret Service waited outside.

It seems that many of the Twitter users realized they were ratting out a fellow teen after making their star-struck posts and subsequently deleted them. However, screenshots of the accounts were taken and the rest is history. Buzzfeed claims they reached out to President Obama’s staff for comment, but have not heard back.

Though Malia was at the party, there is no evidence that she actually consumed alcohol during her stay. She may have very well just been standing near the red Solo cups watching the game play out. If she did consume alcohol, she won’t be the first president’s daughter to do so while her father is in office.


The Bush twins were notorious for partying it up and causing all sorts of problems for their Secret Service team. The twins were photographed multiple times while intoxicated and once even while stumbling to the floor at a party.

Before we freak about Malia Obama supposedly playing beer pong on her college visit let’s remember the Bush twins

— Alex Bomba (@Alex_Bomba_) October 16, 2015

Many people are claiming beer pong is just a normal teen behavior and hardly reflects poorly on Malia; however, others point out that drinking at 17 is both illegal and dangerous. Regardless of opinion, it is safe to say that Malia Obama had plenty of protection while at the Brown University party as the Secret Service was never far behind.

Do you think people are blowing the Malia Obama beer pong situation out of proportion? Should Malia Obama or the Bush twins be judged for their partying ways?

[Image Credit: Getty Images/ Jeff J Mitchell]