Colorado Mom Allegedly Pimped Pre-Teen Daughter Out To Older Man

A Colorado mom is behind bars after authorities say she pimped out her own daughter to an older man. The Dreamin’ Demon reports that 43-year-old Julie Greiner allegedly allowed her daughter to become intimate with a 23-year-old man whom she’d met online. However, the details surrounding this case go much deeper than that, which is why the mother is being held in jail without bond, on top of facing a multitude of charges.

Authorities say that Julie Greiner’s 12-year-old daughter met a 23-year-old Australian man on an online chat room last year (when she was 11-years-old). After a short time, the child’s online relationship with 23-year-old Thomas Keski allegedly turned sexual, and the two reportedly began “sexting” and sending each other nude photos of themselves.

KDVR News reports that the Lakewood, Colorado, mom “took advantage of the situation,” in which her daughter found herself with the older Australian man. She allegedly knew that her pre-teen daughter was engaging in sexually explicit discussion with the 23-year-old, but instead of stopping the inappropriate relationship, she reportedly encouraged it, while exploiting it for monetary and material gain. According to a 14-page affidavit, Julie Greiner allowed the man to pay several thousands of dollars to pay her family’s bills, as well as to get gifts for the young girl. That affidavit also revealed a slew of disturbing details regarding the mother’s allegedly exploitative behavior.

Authorities in Colorado (and Australia) were made aware of this behavior when the child’s older brother Alex Greiner turned his mother in to police. The police affidavit reveals that Alex had tried on more than one occasion to put a stop to the inappropriate relationship between Thomas Keski and his 12-year-old sister. However, his mother refused to put a stop to the relationship. Alex told authorities that the woman began accepting large sums of money from Keski on multiple occasions, while refusing to stop her pre-teen daughter from talking to him. In fact, the Colorado woman’s son had even gotten on Facebook to confront the older man and demand that he stop messing with his little sister. Under threat of being turned in to authorities, Keski reportedly agreed to back off — but that didn’t last. The police affidavit reveals that Julie made arrangements for her pre-teen daughter and the older man to meet in Hawaii. Not only did this meeting take place, but the young girl and her older boyfriend were reportedly allowed to sleep in the same bed together, and were even given opportunities to be alone with one another. Keski’s mother Merja Keski was also present during this short vacation.

The mother of Thomas Keski via Facebook

When authorities began investigating, they searched the home inhabited by the 12-year-old girl and her mother. They reportedly found sex toys in the girl’s room, which were supposedly gifted by the 23-year-old man. Besides the sex toys, she was reportedly given expensive electronics and fine jewelry by the Aussie man. All of these behaviors were reportedly known by the mom. Police allege that Keski had sent at least $10,000 to the family for their bills and gifts — and even had Julie Greiner purchase an engagement ring for her 12-year-old daughter with some of the cash. Much of the money had been sent to the family using bank wire and Paypal.

Colorado mom Julie Greiner has been charged with human trafficking of a minor for sexual servitude. She’s also been charged with pimping of a child and sexual assault of a child. Meanwhile, the 23-year-old man who had allegedly taken part in this relationship has also been arrested. However, Australian authorities are handling his side of the case. As for Alex Greiner, he told authorities that he was doing he believes any brother would do for their baby sister.

[Photo: Lakewood Police mugshot/Julie Greiner]