Romney Campaign Strikes Again: Spells Former President Reagan’s Name “Regan”

Mitt Romney’s campaign has suffered quite a few blows in the past week, all of which could have been avoided with a simple spell-check. In its latest flub, Romney Camp spelled conservative hero Ronald Reagan’s last name as “Regan.”

In a slideshow made by his pollster put to work at fundraisers, previous president approval ratings six months before November election are showed consecutively. The idea is obviously to make President Obama look bad by touting his 47% approval rating and comparing it to other presidents who were voted out after one term. George W. Bush was voted back in (though just barely) back in 2004 with the exact same approval rating, and Gerald Ford lost in 1976 with the same 47%.

The slideshow shows a President “Ronald Regan” as boasting a 53% approval rating before re-election. If Romney Camp means “Ronald ReAgan”, then the slide is technically true. This gaffe was, of course, quickly seized by various Twitter feeds, according to the Telegraph.

The infamous slide

Last week, Romney Camp mistakenly hit another spelling-error. A Romney-centric iPhone app promised a “Better Amercia,” much to the delight of late-night talk-show hosts and Twitter.


“Some poor app designer is getting strapped in a cage on the top of a car and driven across country tonight. #amercia,” said one tweet, referencing the cringe-worthy story regarding Romney’s late dog, Seamus. In case you didn’t know, in 1983 Romney took his dog on a road-trip by strapping his cage to the roof of the car. For 12 hours. The Irish setter suffered fatal intestinal damage and the story keeps popping up in anti-Romney circles, according to The Star.

Other famous grammatical missteps? Over the weekend, Romney Camp offered supporters a “sneak peak” at a new ad for Facebook followers. On Monday, it was reported a button for the campaign’s store said “2012 OFFICAL GEAR.”

A further burn on Romney Camp, with equal parts gallows humor and pure irony, the presentation is dated June 5th, 2012: to the day, the eight year anniversary of Reagan’s death. So quickly we are forgotten, no?

Mitt. Fire your merch guy, your publication guy, and your pollster. No one cares about your platform. At least not as much as they care about these silly mistakes.