WWE: Divas Revolution Is Officially Dead

Aric Mitchell - Author

Oct. 14 2015, Updated 9:05 p.m. ET

The WWE Divas Revolution was a crowning moment for the women wrestlers of NXT, and it was sure fun while it lasted, wasn’t it?

Unfortunately, a new rumor reported by Cageside Seats has all but “confirmed” what many of you already knew: the uprising is over.

“Apparently there are no plans to break up the teams in the Divas division anytime soon,” the website notes. As you can imagine there were a lot of disappointed fans upon hearing this news.

Cagesiders in particular lamented the reveal with a series of clothes-tearing, sackcloth-and-ashes-wearing memes that ran the gauntlet from hilarious to surprisingly thoughtful.

Just go to the comments. Then, once you get the laughs out of the way, wake up to the injustices that WWE Raw Creative is inflicting on these talented women.

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They’ve gone from “Divas Revolution” to filler tag team battles with no story, no purpose, and no conceivable reason why viewers should care.

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It is just not practical to push nine women at once, shoe-horning them into 10 or 15 minutes of a 180-minute broadcast.

The fact that the “divas” — enough, women! — are all being “featured” comes across more as a “let’s get this over with” move than anything else.

How can fans stop what they’re doing and get invested in a Becky Lynch or a Sasha Banks when they have no real individual prize to fight for, nor the time to do it?

How are these talented performers supposed to “grab brass rings”?

When you do the math, dividing the in-ring time with the number of women behind this so-called Divas Revolution “push,” you end up with one or two minutes of visibility on the main brand per week per performer, if they get any time at all.

What are fans supposed to do with that, WWE?

As “inclusive” of a company as you like to think you are, you have a real problem allowing diversity to break through when it proves time and again that it’s ready and willing for the opportunity.

The Divas Revolution is the best example to date of talented minority wrestlers, whose pushes are being squashed with no better explanation than Vince McMahon sees them as afterthoughts — sideshow attractions that don’t deserve the respect they’re getting from fans, the same respect that he gives to his male (and mostly white) performers.

In the past, the WWE has been pretty talented at sweeping such snubs under the rug, but with the Divas Revolution, the company’s soft bigotry is glaringly obvious.

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Just one example: fans begging for Sasha Banks at every show she attends. They want to see her be “the Boss,” and by that, they want the whole package.

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Not just the incredible arsenal of moves, but the mouth, the attitude, the sass. Her turn at NXT TakeOver: Respect was legendary. Not taking anything away from Bayley, but Sasha stole the show through more than just her phenomenal wrestling.

Incorporating Bayley’s child super-fan Izzy into the match on the fly made for one of the most compelling and memorable heel moves since “The Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase’s infamous “basketball kick.”

(Long-time wrestling fans, you know what that refers to.)

And what does she get? Relegated to standing at ringside while one of her “group” wrestles a member from another “group.” No talking. No character interaction. A little physicality, and that’s it.

The Divas Revolution, for lack of a better analogy, is being thrust back into the kitchen by luddite Vince McMahon and his underlings.

The time is now. The performers are willing. They could headline Raw or a pay-per-view tomorrow and give fans their money’s worth.

They don’t need to get over. They’re already there. There is, quite simply, nothing else for them to do. And if the return on that is an indefinite exile to meaningless tag team matches, then this Divas Revolution might as well be dead and buried.

But what do you think, readers? Has WWE already pulled the plug on it? Sound off in the comments section below.

[Image of Divas Revolution in happier times via WWE]


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