Bayley Superfan Izzy: Further Proof No One Tortures Children Like The WWE

Aric Mitchell - Author

Oct. 11 2015, Updated 9:39 p.m. ET

Bayley and Sasha Banks lit up NXTTakeOver: Respect last week, and if you haven’t seen it by now, wrestling fans, shame on you.

But aside from the indomitable 30-minute Iron Man Match between the Hugger and the Boss, there was one great moment that happened between heel Banks and Bayley superfan Izzy that absolutely stole the show and reminded viewers everywhere at just how good the WWE is at torturing kids (at least in the short term).

The rules of the Iron Man Match stipulated that one participant win more “falls” — either by pin, submission, or count-out — in the 30-minute time frame.

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Bayley ultimately won 3-2 in the last few seconds from a submission maneuver, but for a time it was locked at 1-1, and that’s when Sasha Banks sent the NXT Women’s Champion into the LED display in one of the sickest bumps of the night.

As Bayley lay on the ground motionless, all but broken in two, the Boss took the opportunity to yank Izzy’s beloved headband from her head, put it on her own, and waltz around the ring mocking the little girl’s tears.

It was a genuine moment of villainy, and Banks deserved major props for pulling that off in spite of the very real tears coming down Izzy’s face.

The move was reminiscent of another incident that occurred way back before the Divas Revolution in the days of “The Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase.

DiBiase had called a young boy on stage with the stipulation that if he could dribble a basketball 15 times, he would give him $500. But as the little boy got close to the limit, DiBiase promptly kicked the ball away, leaving the little guy in tears.

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It was a moment that cemented his legacy as one of the top villains in the company’s history, but according to Cageside Seats, all wasn’t as it seemed.

DiBiase recalled the incident in the article.

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“Of all the stunts that we did to get the people to understand that I was a scoundrel, was that one. When we rehearsed, I wasn’t really hardcore harsh. When we did it live in front of the crowd and it got to the place where he dribbles the ball, he was supposed to get to 15, he gets to 14 and I stick my foot out and the ball bounces off my foot. Everybody knows I just screwed this poor little kid. I say to him, ‘I’m sorry son, but at a young age, you’re going to have to learn a harsh lesson of life. When you don’t get the job done, you don’t get the money.’ My loud voice and deep voice scared him. He had these great big crocodile tears. He ran to his mother. In reality, he couldn’t have done it any better. We couldn’t have rehearsed it. It wasn’t that good when we rehearsed it. I look like the biggest heel because I just made this little boy cry. I remember going in the back and everyone’s saying, ‘oh man, that was great.’ I said, ‘it might have been great, but you guys are going to need an armored car to get me out of this building tonight. Those people want to lynch me right now.”

- Blockquote close

Yes, the Sasha Banks move was that good, in part because this time, there was no prepping the victim. Izzy’s dad confirmed the heel move was genuine, as were his little girl’s tears. However, Sasha made good on it after the show by giving Izzy her flowers. And Izzy, being the adorable little thing she is, responded in kind.

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What do you think about what Sasha Banks did to poor Bayley superfan Izzy? Should WWE use kids like this?

[Image via WWE]


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