Kelsey Grammer and Wife Kayte Walsh Renew Vows in Vegas

Kelsey Grammer isn’t taking any chances with his latest marriage to wife Kayte Walsh, and the couple, who are basically newlyweds, renewed their vows in Las Vegas over the weekend.

Kelsey Grammer is not only on his fourth marriage, but the last one ended famously in shambles, with a ton of public squabbling between the Frasier star and his former wife Camille Grammer. While the third time clearly was not the charm for Grammer and his still-somewhat-disgruntled former bride, he seems to be hoping that going balls out on marriage number four could change his odds.

The renewal of vows isn’t Kelsey Grammer’s only recent foray into “hey, it’s really for real this time” town recently, as the aging star got a tattoo of Wifey #4’s name on his hip back in April. At the time, the tattoo artist’s grandma joked to press that instead of inking Kayte Walsh’s name on his flesh, Grammer “should have just “put a ‘K’ with a period to give him some flexibility.”

Saturday’s vow renewal between Grammer and Walsh took place at a Vegas chapel, Little Church of the West. The venue’s Greg Smith blabbed to Us about the intimate ceremony, saying that even the sixth time around, vows can be moving:

“It was emotional… He was choked up about the whole time and you can tell they are very much in love and happy. He had tears of joy.”

kelsey grammer tattoo

The chapel’s Smith continued:

“The inspiration for doing it here was the Anne Margaret and Elvis Presley scene at the end of the movie Viva Las Vegas. They just said they liked the movie and it is a classic favorite of theirs — Kelsey says he even has a poster from the film.”

Kelsey Grammer and Kayte Walsh are currently expecting twins.