Kailyn Lowry Called Out For Lying About How She Lost Her Baby Weight

Kailyn Lowry may have two children, but she still makes time for herself away from the Teen Mom cameras. Lowry is often posting pictures of her Crossfit workouts, and she is proudly showing off her protein shakes and healthy diet. But it sounds like Lowry isn't losing the baby weight completely on her own if posts are to be believed. It is hard to determine what is truth and what are paid ads these days, as Lowry often promotes products to her fan base.

It is no secret that Kailyn Lowry has lost weight over the past couple of months. She has been active in her gym, and one can imagine she has been watching her calorie intake. But Lowry is now revealing that the one product that has boosted her weight loss is a drink. As it turns out, she isn't giving much credit to her workouts or her own healthy eating. And this is where some followers are very skeptical.

According to a new Instagram post, Kailyn Lowry is now revealing that she has been using various health products to shed the baby weight, including a weight loss supplement called Ideal Shape. She shared the news on her Instagram account, but fans were immediately questioning her post. It didn't say it was sponsored, and many people felt that she was sending the wrong message.

"People have been asking me what I used to drop my baby weight, well here it is... I've been using IdealBoost from IdealShape. It tastes amazing, gives me energy and curbs my hunger, which I love, but it's also jam-packed with vitamins and minerals. Thanks Ideal Shape for hookin' me up!" Kailyn Lowry revealed on her Instagram post.

Some of Lowry's followers had also tried the drink and gave it thumbs up.

"IdealBoost is actually amazing! It's not a shake, it's a drink. It's so yummy, curbs hunger and gives me a ton of energy. I used it to get off diet soda - so I'm totally pro IdealBoost!" one person wrote in support of Lowry, while another wrote, "I call bs. Your just getting paid to post these things."

Of course, Kailyn has been paid in the past to post sponsored deals, so it is possible that she could be doing the same thing here and just relating her own story to the product. Lowry has never mentioned this product before in her weight loss journey. So it is understandable that some of her followers are questioning her story a bit. But other followers were not jumping on the drink fad.

"What ever happened to watching what you eat and exercising? I guarantee you 1000% if you watch your macros, you will drop fat regardless of any medical condition or excuse (this is directed towards everyone looking for a quick fix, not just kail promoting products). Losing weight is not hard, it just requires some real knowledge on how the human body works and some dedication/self control," one follower pointed out, hoping to share some wise advice with Kailyn's followers.

Of course, Kailyn Lowry doesn't always have viewers' support. On Teen Mom, she has faced backlash over her tough attitude with Javi Marroquin. On the reunion special, she revealed that they had plans to divorce and had already drawn up a custody agreement for Lincoln. And Kailyn didn't get much support when she ignored the birth of Jo Rivera's daughter recently. Sadly, her Teen Mom fans are not always in support of her marriage, her attitude, and the way she makes her money, including showing advertisements to her fans.

What do you think of Kailyn Lowry posting these products? Do you think she used them to lose weight on her journey to a post-baby body?

[Image via Instagram]