Ariana Grande Debuts Blonde Look For 'Focus' Artwork [Photos]

Ariana Grande is trying out a new look. No, she hasn't ditched her ponytail yet. In fact, she's trying out a new hair color.

Ariana Grande is going platinum blonde for the sake of her new single. The 22-year-old singer showed off her new look, shocking her fans on Tuesday night. Grande's hair has always been the topic of interest since she wears it either in a high ponytail or a half-up-half-down hairstyle.

There was one time when the singer showed off her naturally curly hair, leading some to wonder if she was going to stick with the look. But sadly for fans, Ariana went back to her two tried and true hairstyles. She's been wearing her hair pulled back ever since she debuted her first album. But at least Ari is experimenting with a different hair color, even if it could damage her hair.

The "One Last Time" singer shared a sneak peek of the album artwork for her new single "Focus," which drops on October 30. Grande's hair is styled the same in the black-and-white photo, but it looks like she's rocking a different color. It looks like she wanted to become the latest celebrity to go platinum blonde.

Ari teased the sexy new artwork on her social media accounts. The photo shows her wearing a white bra and matching white bottoms. She modestly poses by crossing her arms over her chest and looking off to the side. Ariana previously teased a blurred version of her "Focus" artwork a day before, and even though the photo was blurry, fans could tell that the singer had gone blonde.

Some even assumed that Grande was posing naked in the photo. She took to Snapchat to quickly dispense those rumors. In a clip, Grande said, "I'm not" as she spoke to dancer Brian Nicholson on whether she stripped down during the photo shoot. But Grande wouldn't show her face in the Snapchat videos.

She said, "Go to Dalina Way's Instagram for a clue."

So when fans came upon the hairstylist's Instagram page, they would find a photo of a white bobby pin shot in black-and-white filter. Looks like the bobby pin has something to do with Ariana's new look. It's obvious that the single cover is shot in black-and-white, so does that mean that Ariana's hair is actually white in the photo?

Since going white or blonde is too much of a change for the former Nickelodeon star, it's safe to say that the new hair is just a wig. After all, Grande's been sharing countless photos of herself with brown hair all week long. Meanwhile, her makeup artist, Danila Chinchilla, has given her the same cat eye and nude lip as in the single artwork.

The singer revealed to People Magazine that she's kind of "obsessed" with her skincare regimen. She did have the time to share some of her beauty secrets, which are quick and affordable for her own fans to snag.

"I'm skincare obsessed, but at the same time I have a really busy schedule, so I use things that are quick and convenient. I take my makeup off with Burt's Bees wipes. I don't sleep much, so I need concealer in my life every day. I use Kevyn Aucoin."

Grande also revealed during the interview that she loves wearing faux lashes, and MAC's makeup products are her favorite. She wears so much of it that her makeup artist has to tell her when to stop! Grande loves getting nails done, although she has a hard time sitting still during her appointments. She also hinted to the magazine that she's willing to switch up her style every so often.

"We're all different, so I think, 'Do whatever the hell you want! Everyone should be able to express themselves with hair, makeup, fashion, art, music, and it should be accepted – and celebrated."

Ariana is also changing when it comes to her music. She has hinted that she's going to sing more female empowerment songs on her new album, Moonlight, and "Focus" is nothing different.

"The first line of 'Focus' is 'I know what I came to do and that ain't gonna change.' What I came to do in this world is not only to entertain but to love, to share, to listen, to improve, to learn, to share music, to share experience, to share feelings, to make people feel happy and empowered."

You can check out a snippet of "Focus" in Grande's fun teaser video below. Unfortunately, it doesn't show the singer with her platinum blonde hair. Will Grande debut the new look in her new music video?

What are your thoughts on Ariana Grande's blonde hair for her single cover? Are you looking forward to her new single? Share your thoughts below in the comments section.

[Image: Larry Busacca/Getty Images]