Betty The Chicken On Twitter, Aiming For Guinness World Record [Video]

Move over Tweeps, Betty the Chicken is learning to use Twitter and hopes to achieve a Guinness World Record, as soon as she can manage to tweet a five letter word in English.

While it sounds a little strange, Betty the Chicken from Perth in Western Australia has become part of an inventive advertising campaign for an Australian fast food chain, Chicken Treat.

Betty the Chicken

The company was possibly inspired by the infinite monkey theorem, which reckons if a monkey hits keys at random on a keyboard for an infinite amount of time, it will almost surely type readable text, such as the complete works of Shakespeare. In this case, however, Chicken Treat is hoping that Betty the Chicken will type one single word in the English language of five or more letters.

If Betty should achieve this awesome feat, she will then go down in history in the Guinness Book of World Records as the first chicken to tweet a readable word.

Betty the Chicken already has a Twitter page, @ChickenTreat, where her attempts at sending a tweet can be read. Of course, so far, none of them make much sense, but Mimma Battista, CEO of Chicken Treat, explains how important social media is to their business.

“Social media is a powerful and instant way for us to have a conversation with our customers.”

What better way to do this than to have a cute chicken like Betty sending the actual tweets.

“We felt the #chickentweet idea would reflect that in a lighthearted and unique way.”

Watching the video, their method of getting Betty the Chicken to type her tweets is pretty much immediately apparent. A really tasty brand of chicken feed has been liberally sprinkled over the keyboard, giving Betty the time (and meal) of her life.

You’ve heard of people who can’t really type “pecking” away at the keyboard? In the video you can see Betty the Chicken taking that just a little more literally.

According to the video, Betty has always been an extraordinary chicken. “Even when she was little, she was a good egg.”

Chicken Treat reckon that hers is the face of a chicken about to make history and to achieve a Guinness World Record for becoming the first chicken to tweet.

According to the Daily Star, some users on Twitter were concerned about Betty, but it seems she is being well cared for and is currently residing at the luxurious Chicken Treat HQ, “posting whatever’s on her mind.” The fast food franchise has assured the public that the new tweet campaign has the full support of the local RSPCA.

Betty the Chicken

Watching her in her luxurious habitat, we can see that she has a certain amount of furniture, including, for some reason, a miniature washing machine. She appears to study the atlas while being filmed, and we can see her book collection nicely propped against the wall behind her.

Betty the Chicken

She will be living there and tweeting until she finally manages to send out a tweet containing a five letter word in English. It looks like Betty the Chicken has a long way to go yet. A selection of her tweets can be seen throughout this article and below we can learn about the intensive training experienced by Betty before the campaign began.

[Images: Screen captures courtesy ChickenTreatAU on YouTube]