WWE Rumors: Big Update On Former World Champ’s Status – Alberto Del Rio To Return?

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WWE is beginning their tour of Mexico this week, and they are heading there without a big-time Hispanic star on their roster. Many have thought that it was possible they could end up bringing back Rey Mysterio, but that isn’t happening right now. On another note, though, it appears as if WWE is interested in bringing back another former world champion, and that man is Alberto Del Rio.

According to PW Insider, there is a lot of talk going on that could see Alberto Del Rio returning to WWE, but it would have to be right for both sides. His name has apparently come up in creative ideas a lot over the past few weeks, and it’s making things quite interesting.

Even more interesting since WWE is heading to Mexico for a tour this week.

Adding to all of this is the fact that Alberto El Patron, Del Rio’s name since leaving WWE, pulled out of an upcoming appearance in Germany with wXw. The company says Alberto is at fault and refused to show due to his disagreement in travel accommodations, according to Wrestling Inc.

Alberto El Patron has since issued a statement of his own and says that wXw is to blame.

Del Rio and his management team have said nothing further on the incident other than his post on social media.

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Alberto Del Rio, who has gone by the name of Alberto El Patron since leaving WWE, was released by the company in the summer of 2014. He was let go after slapping a WWE.com staffer who allegedly made racial comments to him. Terms of his release were later agreed upon by both Alberto Del Rio and WWE, and it allowed him to wrestle elsewhere by November.

The employee who allegedly made the racial comments left WWE in October.

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With the loss of Alberto Del Rio, WWE was without a top Hispanic star completely. This tour of Mexico has them without one completely, and it has them in a rather bad situation, so that is likely why Del Rio’s name has started floating around WWE offices again.

For now, there is nothing confirmed or even in place between Alberto Del Rio and WWE at this time. His return, though, doesn’t seem out of the question. After they came to an agreement on his release, things seemed smoothed over. Now, with that employee also being gone from the company, it may truly open the door for him to go back.

WWE wouldn’t be upset with the return of Alberto Del Rio for outside of Mexico either. With Brock Lesnar and The Undertaker on limited schedules and John Cena about to take two months off, the main event scene will be cut down a lot.

Alberto Del Rio was a prominent name in the main event talent list for WWE during his time with the company. It’s not known if he will end up returning, but just his name being mentioned means that something could take place in the future, and we see him back in a WWE ring.

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