Tracy Morgan Performs First Stand-Up Since Horrific Car Accident

It looks like Tracy Morgan is gearing up for his upcoming return to the stage. This weekend, Morgan makes his second public appearance, as he will host the third episode of Saturday Night Live. This marks an emotional return for Morgan, who was last seen at the Emmys.

Morgan took to the stage to do his first stand-up gig since his horrific car accident, which claimed the life of James McNair, one of his comic mentors. According to the New York Daily News, Tracy wasn’t listed as a performer at New York’s Comedy Cellar, but he decided to turn up. A staffer at the Comedy Cellar wouldn’t comment about Morgan’s appearance at the venue, but comedian Judah Friedlander documented the special surprise with a tweet.

“T Money is back!!!!!!!! So great to see @RealTracyMorgan back on stage tonight @NYCComedy Cellar.”

Tracy Morgan himself shared in the excitement on what it felt like to be back in the saddle again. The comedian and SNL alum shared a photo of himself looking comfortable holding a mic in his hand while on stage at the Comedy Cellar.

Others supported Tracy Morgan’s triumphant return to the stage.

The first indication that Tracy was back is when Saturday Night Live announced that he would be returning to host the show. Still, people didn’t know what version of Tracy Morgan we would get during his next gig. Was he ready to return? After all, it was only a few months ago that he had to decline to show up for SNL’s 40th special because he was still in recovery from his devastating car accident. That said, Tracy showed everyone that he hadn’t lost his tenacious spirit during his appearance at the Emmys, when he addressed the audience and millions at home watching. Morgan looked strong during his emotional speech, but he still hadn’t lost his sense of humor.

During his Emmy appearance, he took to the stage and thanked last year’s host Jimmy Kimmel. During his speech, he pointed out that Kimmel said that he would return to the stage, and then he went on to thank his amazing doctors, the support of his family, and his new wife as a testament to him standing on the stage.

After his emotional speech, Morgan spoke to the Hollywood Reporter about his appearance at the Emmys following the tragic accident in June of 2014, which left him in a coma for eight days. At the time, he said his publicist Lewis Kay really helped him out.

According to the 30 Rock star, his publicist said, “What you want to do is let Hollywood welcome you home.”

Hollywood, along with his fans, welcomed him back with open arms. Morgan wasn’t expecting such a warm reception following his appearance. The comedian spoke to Us Weekly backstage about how he felt. Morgan said that it all felt “very overwhelming,” but he missed it out on the stage. He said he tried not to be emotional during his speech, and that his main intent was to let everyone know how much he missed them during his 15-month hiatus.

Tracy Morgan will host Saturday Night Live this weekend with musical guest Demi Lovato.

[Photo by Mark Davis / Getty Images]