Tracy Morgan Opens Up About His Road To Recovery After Giving Emotional Speech During The 2015 Emmys [Video]

Tracy Morgan surprised many last night at the 67th Primetime Emmy Awards when he not only made a surprise appearance on the red carpet, but also when he made an emotional speech to end the night.

“Last year Jimmy Kimmel stood on this stage and said ‘We’ll see you back here Tracy Morgan…’ Well, Jimmy, thanks to some amazing doctors, and the support of my family, my beautiful new wife, I’m here. Standing on my own two feet … and God bless all you for your love, your prayers, and positive thoughts over the past 15 months. Thank you.”

Following his emotional speech at the end of the 2015 Emmy Awards, Tracy Morgan talked with the Hollywood Reporter and said that his first appearance since the tragic highway accident in June of 2014 was all thanks to his publicist, Lewis Kay. According to Morgan, Kay said, “What you want to do is let Hollywood welcome you home.”

Tracy Morgan also opened up to Us Weekly backstage and, when asked how he felt about him coming home, he said it was “very overwhelming.”

“15 months. I’d missed it. So when I got on stage it was overwhelming for me. I had to not be so emotional in that moment – I just wanted to let them know I missed them. I missed them very much.”

The June, 2014, highway accident was tragic, to say the least. Tracy was left in a coma for eight days following the accident due to brain trauma, and many were left wondering if the comedian would ever recover. Morgan’s good friend and fellow comedian, James McNair, was killed in the accident.

Morgan wasn’t expected to make his Hollywood return until October of this year to host an episode of Saturday Night Live, so it was a nice surprise to see him make his way down the Emmys’ Red Carpet and to hear him make his emotional speech.

Though this year has been a very taxing year on Morgan, he said he never once gave up and that was because his family wouldn’t allow it.

“My wife wouldn’t let me do that, my son wouldn’t let me do that, and I looked at my little daughter’s face, and they wouldn’t let me do that,” he shared with Us Weekly.

“I just hope my tragedy and Jimmy’s death isn’t in vain. This thing that happened to me can be prevented now from people just dying in the road, that’s what I hope. But I wouldn’t give up. My father was drafted into Vietnam at 17 and he wouldn’t give up, so I wanted to be like my father. Even when he got AIDS he never gave up, so we don’t do that as Morgans.”

Not only were Tracy Morgan’s Hollywood friends and family moved by his speech last night, but so were his fans. Just check out some of the Twitter chatter for yourself.

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[Photo by Kevin Winter / Getty Images]