First Impressions: Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Will Turn MacBook Air And iPad Pro Into Jokes

As previously mentioned by the Inquisitr, the Surface Pro 4 is on display at several Microsoft Store retail locations in the United States.

“The Microsoft Surface Pro 4 may not be available for another two weeks, but that doesn’t mean you can’t stop at your local Microsoft Store to take a look and use a display model. The Surface Pro 4, along with the Surface Book, is now being shown at several Microsoft Store locations, including ones in Los Angeles, Dallas, New York City and Chicago.”

Microsoft's latest tablet

The most noticeable change between the Surface Pro 3 and Surface Pro 4 is the Type Cover. This time, it is actually useful to the point where you don’t have to carry a mouse with the Surface Pro wherever it goes. The Type Cover for the Surface Pro 3 allowed a decent typing experience, but the erratic trackpad, according to many, made the Type Cover almost impossible to use without an external mouse.

The keys are better spaced on the Surface Pro 4 Type Cover. It doesn’t look like there is much tactile feedback with the keys, but you’ll be comfortable typing once you start. Most importantly, there is a much bigger glass trackpad that actually operates the way a trackpad is supposed to. Because of this, the Surface Pro 4 will be more comfortable to use on your lap, even though it’s not really designed for the lap like the more expensive and larger Surface Book.

Then, you will notice the 12.3-inch 2736 x 1824 (267 PPI) pixel resolution screen. Even though the PPI increase from the Surface Pro 3 isn’t a huge leap, the screen looks noticeably crisper and the colors appear more saturated. It isn’t the 4K screen that many thought Microsoft would provide for the Surface Pro 4, but it comes very close. Watching a 4K video of Costa Rica on the Surface Pro 4 makes you feel almost like you can jump into the screen.

Surface Pro

The biggest change inside is the use of Microsoft’s new Skylake Intel Core processor (the unit used for this review had the Intel Core i7 chip), which makes the Pro 4 noticeably faster than the Pro 3 with the i7 chip. It feels like one can do 4K video editing if they want, although the Surface Book is the one to buy for that.

Still, the Surface Pro 4 offers more than what 90 percent of consumers need. Those who think they want the Surface Book more than the Surface Pro 4 may find themselves in a dilemma after putting their hands and feasting their eyes on the latest Surface Pro. At last, Microsoft has conquered the tablet world. From here on, the iPad Pro will look like one big joke.

[Featured photo by Daryl Deino]