The Country’s Dumbest Murderers Googled How To Do It First

They say that it is just the stupid criminals that get caught. If that is true these two should have been caught before they even committed a crime. James Ayers and Nicole Okzersik, who are accused of strangling a 19 year old girl, went on to leave the most detailed trail of digital evidence probably ever seen in a murder trial.

Ayers and Okzersik should try to write a book on how not to commit a crime. Ayers has already been charged with strangling Juliana Mensch on March 24th. Court papers say he was motivated by a desire for drug money. Okzersik has to appear before the grand jury this week to determine if she is going to also be charged.

Here’s how stupid the two of them were, as reported by the Daily News.

On the morning of the murder Okrzesik did a Google search for “chemicals to passout a person,” “making people faint,” “ways to kill people in their sleep,” “how to suffocate someone” and “how to poison someone”.


They made matters even worse by having a long chain of text messages where the two of them tried to determine what to do with the body.

Ayers texted Okrzesik to tell her he was calling the cops if she did not come home to help him with the body, according to the records.

“Why the f- would you do that and ruin both our lives when we can just get rid of the sh- and move on,” Okrzesik responded.

Ayers continued to threaten his girlfriend several hours later. “We have a dead body in the house and you want to play?” he allegedly said.

The couple then went on to discuss the crime on Facebook and to post pictures of themselves out partying a few hours after they had killed Mensch. A few days after the murder Ayers landlord called the police to complain that he smelled a rotting body coming from the apartment. Ayers was arrested shortly after.