Ronda Rousey Called A Hypocrite For 'Bullying' Cyborg

Mandy Crum

Ronda Rousey made headlines earlier this week when she spoke about body image and fat-shaming, saying she's sick of people criticizing her weight. And while the UFC champ has many loyal backers, at least one person says she thinks Rousey is a hypocrite for complaining about those comments when she herself has used Cyborg's physical appearance to mock her in the media.

In an interview with the New York Times, Ronda said that when she overheard someone talking about her body in a negative way on the set of a commercial she was shooting, she purposely showed up on set a little heavier out of spite.

"I swear to God, if anyone calls me fat one more time in my life, I'm going to kill them," Ronda said.

However, Cris "Cyborg" Justino -- whose name has been thrown around quite a bit in recent months along with Rousey's as a potential UFC matchup -- took to Facebook over the weekend to talk about her thoughts on it all, saying she thinks Rousey is being a hypocrite due to some of the things she's said about Cyborg in the past.

"I find it hypocritical of @rondarousey to complain about people in Hollywood being critical of her body image, talking about her arms or the extra weight she carries between fights. For the past five years, this same Ronda Rousey and Dana White have used the media to bully me, opening the door for other opponents to try the same tactics. Instead of talking about my fighting skills, they would rather use the media attention to say like I look like a man, or that I walk like Wanderlia Silva in a dress," Cyborg wrote.

Cyborg mentioned that Rousey is a role model for young girls everywhere and said she hopes that these experiences with being scrutinized will keep her from making similar cruel comments in the future.

"I am glad to see she is more sensitive to the issue of bullying now that she is experiencing it for herself in Hollywood and hopefully with this comes more maturity and growth as a woman," Cris wrote.

It seems like everyone wants to see a match between Rousey and Cyborg, but seeing as how Cyborg is far outside of Ronda's weight class, it may never happen. Rousey has dominated her fights, rarely going over one minute to take a win, but many believe she wouldn't have the same luck with Cyborg, whose manager said in August that she's working to make a match happen.

"Cris is jumping through every single flamed hoop that everybody is asking her to do, and she's trying to get down to 135. Realistically, 140 is still a challenge for her to get down that low. She's gonna try. She's doing everything possible and it seems like Ronda is doing zero possible. She's just sitting back and collecting her checks," Tito Ortiz said.

Ronda Rousey doesn't just have her fighting career to worry about; she's also a spokesperson for various products and has a lucrative acting career, starring in several huge action films over the past few years. In September, it was announced that she would be taking on a gender-swapped role in the Road House remake, which will see her in the role Patrick Swayze made famous. The film begins production in 2016; after that, she has several other projects that were created with her in mind.

Earlier this year, Ronda Rousey noted how extremely flattered she was to have Beyonce using her "do-nothing b**ch" speech during her concert, saying, "To be honest, it's a honor to have a real powerhouse of a woman like Beyonce just recognize my existence. It's surreal how something I thought was a pre-fight rant in my hotel room that would end up scrapped on some editor's floor has taken off to the point a cultural icon like Beyonce is playing it between songs at her concert."

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