Ahead Of The CNN Democratic Debate, Bernie Sanders Has Taken The Conversation From Liberal Vs. Conservative To The Disillusioned Vs. The Establishment

As we draw closer to the CNN Democratic debate, Bernie Sanders has skyrocketed from a hopeful candidate to one that has captivated the imagination of many around the United States. While Hillary Clinton remains the front-runner as we approach the first Democratic debate, Bernie Sanders has taken it upon himself to become the voice of many that have grown disillusioned of the Washington establishment within the Democratic party.

As the Independent Senator of Vermont, Bernie Sanders faces an uphill battle against Hillary Clinton, the overwhelming favorite of not only the Democratic campaign, but also the entire election itself. Sanders has capitalized on the sentiments of how the American public views Washington.

According to Gallup, over a third of Americans believes that the country’s economic issues are the most pressing problems today. Behind the economic problems, 17 percent are dissatisfied with the government. Bernie Sanders has based his presidential campaign on his wide ranging economic platform, one that seeks to provide the solution for problems such as the minimum wage to racism.

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Ahead of the CNN Democratic debate, Bernie Sanders has already offered a solution to many liberals and progressive that aren’t leading in favor of Hillary Clinton.

However, it is hard to deny that Sanders has reinvigorated the political apathy within the Democratic base. To many, Sanders represents an outsider voice compared to those in Washington and has the credentials to champion the ideology of those in the working class.

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While Clinton remains a constant voice for women’s right and gun control throughout her political career, many believe her sudden flip flopping on issues such as same-sex marriage to her support of the Iraq War has made her questionable. Her close ties to Wall Street, which includes large donation from big banks and hedge funds, compared to Bernie Sanders’ rejection of donations from cooperations has made the front-runner look like a centrist.

The upcoming CNN Democratic debates, Bernie Sanders will undeniable pull Hillary Clinton to the left. Clinton has not struggled to shake off questions about her legitimate views on the pressing issues however, it is safe to that since Sanders’ rise in the poll, she has become a louder and more active voice against issues such as the recent Trans-Pacific Partnership.

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As Vox noted, during Hillary Clinton’s time as secretary of state, she was a strong supporter of the Trans-Pacific Partnership. According to Vox, Clinton stated that the “Trans-Pacific Partnership sets the gold standard in trade agreements”.

CNN remarked that Clinton spoke in favor of the TPP no less than 45 times. For example, on September 8th, 2012 at the APEC CEO Summit.

“The private sector needs to stand up for the system that will allow you to thrive over the long run. That means pushing governments to support high-standard trade agreements like the Trans-Pacific Partnership, to drop harmful protectionist policies. It means playing by the rules, respecting workers, and opening doors qualified women. And most of all, it means doing what you do best: build, hire, and grow.”

Regardless, many believe that Clinton’s change of heart should be taken at face value. Even within the Democratic party, Bernie Sanders is seen as an outsider with his anti-establishment policies. The CNN Democratic debate is the first debate for the Democrats, and the DNC has been criticized for not organizing more debates, a decision that many, including Sanders, believes strengthen the front-runner.

It is hard to deny Bernie Sanders’ influence on Hillary Clinton’s campaign so far. The front-runner has not stumbled despite the massive support Sanders has received during his campaign and the patronizing email controversy engineered by the Republicans. Nonetheless, the CNN Democratic debate will undoubtedly prove that the conversation has certainly changed.

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