Some Of Princess Diana’s Hair Is For Sale On Amazon For $1,200

A lock of Princess Diana’s hair has gone up for sale on Amazon for around $1,200.

The Amazon seller insists that she has framed a “few strands” of the late Princess’ hair, alongside a picture of Diana as well as a signature and a brief blurb about it. The seller entitled the piece available as, “Princess Diana Hair Lock Photo Signed Letter Royal CHARITY Lady Di Memorabilia.”

Providing more information in the Product Description blurb for the item, the seller writes, “The item up for purchase is an elaborately custom framed ‘short lock’ of Diana’s hair, comprised of a few strands (frame alone is several hundred dollars). The strands of hair offered have been displayed over a scan of the original lock, making it a substantial display.”

The seller also went above and beyond to insist that the item is 100 percent authentic, including various background information on how she gathered the lock of hair from a royal dealer, while also insisting that it could possibly be the last strands of her bouffant available to the public.

“This item is guaranteed 100% authentic and documentation will be provided to the purchaser,” they wrote. “This lock is possibly one of the only authentic Diana lock in existence and comes from a dealer in ‘Royal’ memorabilia, Mr. G. Vernon who purchased it taped in a book Diana had inscribed, ‘My Lock, Diana 1995’.”

They continued, “The strands of Princess Diana’s hair have been custom framed (Framed Dimensions: 24 ¼” x 22″) and matted with a beautiful photo of Diana, along with an excellent Facsimile signature in black ink (very original in its appearance and difficult to tell from real).”

Meanwhile the locks of hair and picture are also joined in the frame by a presentation plate that has been inscribed with a passionate diatribe that talked about Princess Diana and her impact on the world following her marriage, and subsequent divorce, from Prince Charles.

“Princess Diana Lady Diana (Frances) Spencer (1961-1997) Diana Spencer, became Lady Diana, Princess of Wales when she married the future King of England, Prince Charles.

“Later divorced, she became a popular figure in her own right as the glamorous former Princess who involved herself with charities, particularly those caring for the homeless, deprived and sick children, and people suffering from AIDS.

“Forever known as Princess Di, she tragically died in a car accident in August 1997.”

Because of Princess Diana’s unerring popularity around the world, memorabilia and anything even vaguely related to her is eagerly picked up by her legions of fans. This became specially true after Princess Diana died in a tragic car crash in Paris in August of 1997.

Following her passing, which was greeted with an outpouring of grief in the United Kingdom and across the globe. Since then thousands, probably millions, of pieces of memorabilia have appeared, each of which have been blazoned with Diana’s face.

However, Princess Diana’s loyal supporters have reacted with disgust to the revelation that a lock of her hair is now for sale. They believe that this is a step too far.

The British Monarchist Society have even released a statement condemning and criticizing the seller for making it available. A spokesman for the society told the Daily Star, via the Daily Mail, that they were surprised to see “a lot such as this up for sale,” before then adding, “The sale of modern royal hair makes us feel uneasy and we are such Princes William and Harry would be disturbed by the auction too: it is, essentially, a body part.”

It’s not known when the hair was taken from the princess, while, even though the item has been on sale on Amazon since August, there doesn’t appear to have been any bids so far.

[Photos by MJ Kim/Getty Images & Pascal Rondeau/Allsport & Patrick Riviere/Getty Images]