Trapped Burglar Calls Police For Help After Getting Trapped In Asda Store

A burglar found himself in a jam after he managed to break into an Asda store in Basildon, England. According to the Mirror, the burglar got stuck inside the supermarket and he must have felt as if he had no other option but to call police. The burglar did exactly that and phoned the cops.

Burglar Found Himself Trapped Inside Asda Petrol Station
[Image by Hazel Nicholson/Flickr/CC BY 2.0]The burglar, whose name has not been made public, got inside the store but the store's security device detected someone was inside. As a result, the security device trapped the burglar inside.

Essex police said they received a phone call from the burglar, who wanted help getting out. Police also said that the burglar wasn't the only one who phoned them. Apparently, there were people who heard the burglar screaming for help from within the store, which is located at the Eastgate shopping centre.

Police discovered the burglar when they arrived at the store, which was around 4 a.m. and firefighters were called to the scene too. The firefighters were able to free the burglar.

According to BBC, Asda security staff, as well as paramedics assisted with freeing the burglar. After the burglar, who is said to be in his 40s, was freed, he was taken to the hospital. Apparently the burglar suffered leg injuries, and after he was taken to the hospital for treatment, officers arrested him on suspicion of burglary.

A spokeswoman for the police said that when the burglar dialed 999, the emergency number in the U.K., he was shouting that he needed help and gave his location. However, the call ended up cutting out, and a police operator did attempt to call the burglar back, but the phone's line was in use.

This actually isn't the first time a burglar has found themselves trapped in a place they broke into. As a matter of fact, just about two weeks ago, a burglar broke into a cellphone store in Pomona, California, but once he was inside he got trapped, according to Fox.

A Burglar Got Trapped Inside A Boost Mobile Store
[Image by John Meyer/Flickr/CC BY 2.0]The owner of the Boost Mobile store that the burglar broke into said that the man entered his store via an air-conditioning duct. When the burglar did that, an alarm was triggered.

However, the burglar would not have been able to make off with too many items, as the store wasn't even stocked with any merchandise. This is because the store was not yet open to the public. When the burglar realized this, he saw a door and attempted to exit through it, but it didn't bring him outside. Instead of ending up outside, he found himself in a hallway.

The area the burglar found himself in was secured, and it was complete with reinforced steel doors, which meant he was going to have a difficult time getting out. The owner of the store actually constructed the area after he lost thousands of dollars of product because of burglaries at his other stores.

The owner said that when the door shuts on someone, then they are not going to get out, which is what the burglar realized after getting trapped. The burglar was caught in the action too, thanks to a surveillance video. The video starts off by showing the burglar entering the store via the ceiling, and it shows him getting trapped in the hallway. He ended up spending around 45 minutes trying to escape.

He kicked the door a number of times, and he tried to break right through one of them, but he didn't succeed. At one point in the video, the burglar attempts to open the door with a hammer.

Eventually, police arrived at the scene and they arrested the suspected burglar, just like in the case at the Asda store in England.

[Photo by John Li/Getty Images]