Texas Police Brutality Video: Black Teen Gyasi Hughes Choke Slammed By Round Rock Cop, Parents Want Excessive Force Charges

Gyasi Hughes’ family may be pressing charges against the Round Rock Police Department after a Texas cop grabbed the 14-year-old by the throat and slammed him to the ground. The incident took place during a student fight at Round Rock High School, and witnesses recorded the alleged police brutality on video.

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Gysasi Hughes admits that he was fighting over a pair of prescription sports goggles with another student.

“I asked my friend to hold my goggles and during football I asked for them back and he told me repeatedly that he didn’t have them and he already gave them back to me,” said Gyasi.

While the initial fight was described as mild, and was almost immediately broken up by an assistant principal, witnesses claim the school fight only escalated into something serious once the police became involved.

“In the beginning, I heard people be like ooh and stuff, and it was Gyasi and this other kid, they were pushing each other around,” said Sebastian Vazquez, who claims the students were not full-out fighting. “Both cops got him in the corner, so I pulled my phone out to start recording because that seemed odd.”

The school fight video shows the Texas cops trying to calm Hughes down, but when the 14-year-old boy put his hands on the officer, the officer responded by grabbing him by the neck and taking him to the ground.

“I was mad because he kept pushing me and touching me and I wasn’t physically doing anything to him either. That’s when I said ‘can you leave me alone’ and that’s when he took me down,” said Hughes, according to KEYE TV.

A Round Rock Police Department spokesperson said the school is working with Texas police to ensure that proper procedures were followed.

“After repeated attempts to calm the non-compliant student, and stop him from going after the other student, officers were forced to detain him for his safety and the safety of others,” the Round Rock Police Department said in a statement. “This incident is currently under review by the police department staff.”

Gyasi Hughes’s father, Kashka Hughes, believes the Texas police officer needs to be reprimanded since he claims the police’s excessive force was “unacceptable.” The father claims the Texas cop should have found a different way to de-escalate the student fight.

“The police officer that was actually in this particular situation, he should have been trained well enough to know that this is a 130 pound child and that the action that was taken was totally unnecessary,” said Hughes. “I believe that the officer in question should [definitely] go through some re-training or be reassessed in terms of how you handle conflicts like this.”

Hughes also points out that his “son was not being violent towards the officer, he wasn’t hitting him, he didn’t have a weapon, he was just emotional, which is mostly understood after being in a conflict just as he was.” The father also said this was his son’s first school fight, and he said he’s talked to his son about how to handle stressful situations better in the future.

The actions of the Texas police officer has ignited a firestorm of criticism after the Round Rock cop was caught on camera choke-slamming the black teen. According to KXAN, the black teen’s parents are also considering pressing charges, although they are not calling for the officer’s firing. Instead, they would prefer disciplinary training in addition to more training.

“All of my family are teachers, my mother is a teacher, my father is a principal and was a superintendent for a long time before he retired,” said Hughes. “I’ve definitely seen how the guards in the schools as well as how my dad handled various situations when kids were in certain altercations.”

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