Cris Cyborg: Watch MMA Fighter Get Her ‘Adult Entertainer’ On As She Pole Dances [Video]

Among those who thoroughly follow MMA, most agree if there is one female fighter who has the best chance of defeating the undefeated UFC women’s bantamweight champion, Ronda Rousey, it is Cristiane Justino, who is better known as Cris Cyborg. For those who do not follow Cyborg, she holds a record that many say parallels the one “Rowdy” has. She has 14 straight victories (technically 15 since one victory was turned into a “no contest”) over more than a decade. A total of 12 (technically 13 if the “no contest” original decision is taken into account) are by TKO, which includes Gina Carano.

The only issue that prevents a Ronda Rousey versus Cris Cyborg fight from happening is the fact both women fight in different weight divisions. Rousey fights at bantamweight, while Cyborg fights at featherweight. However, the “greatest fight in women’s MMA” may happen sooner than later, since Cyborg is doing all she can to get down to 135 pounds. As a matter of fact, she will be fighting at 140 pounds in her next fight at Invicta FC 15: Souza vs. Grasso.

The question that needs to be asked is how is Cris Cyborg dropping the weight? Cyborg is actually a big girl. Not only that, she is lean even at her original featherweight of 145 pounds. Cyborg losing weight needs to be done correctly, because she is technically not losing fat, but muscle. Apparently, one method is by getting her inner “adult entertainer” on by pole dancing. That’s right! Cyborg does a workout inspired by an activity synonymous with exotic dancers.

The revelation of Cris Cyborg’s pole dancing workout was first made known by Bloody Elbow. They reported on video uploaded by MMA Digest of Cyborg taking a pole dancing class taken from her Periscope account.

As shown from the video attached above, Cris Cyborg has fallen victim to the pole dancing exercise craze now sweeping the nation. According to its supporters, it has many benefits for general strength and exercise by increasing core and body strength by using the body itself as resistance. Apparently, Cyborg is feeling the full effects of pole dancing, given her personal insight on it.

“Who knew pole dancing was such hard work?!”

Now, to be fair, Cris Cyborg’s foray into pole dancing may just be for fun and not actually a part of her regime to get down to bantamweight. Most of what Cyborg needs to do pertains to her diet. Therefore, it is her nutritionist, George Lockhart, who is doing what he can to help Cyborg achieve her goals. With that in mind, Lockhard stated it is possible for Cyborg to be at 135 pounds by the time a possible fight between Ronda Rousey and Cyborg would happen on December 5, 2015, as reported by MMA Fighting.

If they [UFC] want her to fight December 5th, it would be within the timeline. It would be close, but she could definitely make 135 before December 5th.”

Needless to say, but a fight between Ronda Rousey and Cris Cyborg on December 5, 2015, is not going to happen, especially when the former will be meeting Holly Holm this coming month in the Octagon at UFC 193: Rousey vs. Holm.

UFC 193
It was believed Ronda Rousey would be fighting Cris Cyborg in December if the latter were to make it to bantamweight. Instead, Rousey will be fighting Holly Holm this coming November.

For now, Cris Cyborg will have to wait until she can throw her TKO-inducing fists into Ronda Rousey’s face. But until then, she will continue her pursuit of 135 pounds by changing her diet and going on seven to ten mile runs on her days off. Let’s not forget the pole dancing on the side either.

[Featured Image via Cris Cyborg’s Periscope, Post Image via UFC 193: Rousey vs. Holm Promotions]