Sage Northcutt Was Just The Beginning For UFC! — Sage’s Older Sister Colbey Northcutt Wants Ronda Rousey And Cris Cyborg

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is the MMA promotion recognized for having the best fighters in the combat sport. Some of the big names signed on to their roster includes Conor McGregor, Daniel Cormier, Cain Velasquez, and Ronda Rousey. However, to make sure the promotion consistently has the best fighters, UFC will trim off the excess fat from the roster by releasing fighters unable to deliver for them. They will then find new fighters with potential to take their place.

With that in mind, one MMA fighter UFC recently acquired that is making an impression is Sage Northcutt. The 19-year-old karate champion is already being branded the “future of UFC” for her charisma, model-like looks, and ability to perform in the cage. And just recently, Northcutt made an impact by defeating his opponent at UFC 192: Cormier vs. Gustafsson in 57 seconds in the first round (post-fight interview and highlights shown below).

From what was shown above, Sage Northcutt is more than just impressive. He was just the beginning, because another within his family has intentions to pursue a career in MMA, too. That person is his sister, Colbey Northcutt, and she wants the best among all women’s divisions: both Ronda Rousey and Cris Cyborg.

As Fight State states, Colbey Northcutt is the older sister of Sage. She has earned a black belt in Karate and a purple belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, a dangerous combination if utilized correctly. Not only that, Colbey is a champion, too, with an amateur MMA record of 4-1-0. Her only loss is a split decision, as provided by Sherdog. MMA career aside, Colbey has a lot of promotional potential, sporting the same model-like looks as her younger brother. It is unknown if she’s dabbled in modeling and acting like Sage. But if that’s part of her repertoire, Colbey may also have cross-over potential for promotional advertisements and movie roles, similar to Ronda Rousey. It should be known acting and modeling experience is not necessary, because Rousey didn’t have such a background, either, but it does help if she does.

The one detail that stands out about Colbey Northcutt is the fact she wants to take on the best of the best across all women’s divisions. Usually, female MMA fighters gun for the champion within their division in the promotion they are signed to. For example, Paige VanZant, Michelle Waterson, and Claudia Gadelha have their crosshairs on Joanna Jedrzejczyk, because she’s their division’s champion. Colbey doesn’t take into account divisions or even promotions, as shown when she called out both Ronda Rousey and Cris Cyborg back in October 21, 2012, right after she defeated Jessica Martinez at U of MMA: Second to None.

As shown in the attached video above, that is probably the most respectable callout ever in the history of MMA. Colbey Northcutt still has a ways to go before she can even hold her own against the likes of “Rowdy” or “Cyborg.” First off, Colbey is technically still an amateur, and does not have a professional fight to her name, per se. True amateur MMA fights can be just as tough as any professional MMA fight, but until she makes that jump, her chances of automatically being picked up by UFC are very rare. As a matter of fact, the one fighter to start out their professional career in UFC without any past experience may be because he is a major draw. That fighter is CM Punk.

Right now, it is unknown what Colby Northcutt’s next career move is. What is known is her last three fights in USACA were all wins, which may be enough for Dana White to consider having her in UFC. Let’s hope that happens. MMA needs another great fighter family in it, and the Northcutts may fit well alongside the Ruas, Emelianenkos, Nogueiras, Shamrocks, and Gracies.

[Image via Colbey Northcutt / Facebook]