Anna Duggar Considering Divorce as Josh Begs Her to Stay

Ever since Anna Duggar found out that Josh Duggar had cheated on her, rumors have been flying about if she will actually leave him or not. So far, it looks like the 19 Kids and Counting star is standing by her man, but the rumors are flying that she might still decide to leave him. Hollywood Life just shared that Josh Duggar is now freaking out and begging Anna not to leave him. The couple has four children together and if she leaves him then Josh will be all alone. After this cheating scandal, it would be hard for Josh Duggar to find someone new that would ever want to be involved with him.

News came out that Josh Duggar was listed on the Ashley Madison website. This site is used to find someone to cheat on your spouse with and women are now starting to speak out saying that they were involved with Josh Duggar, even while his wife Anna was pregnant with their fourth child, who was born just a few months ago.

At this time, Anna Duggar is actually staying with her parents. She is doing this while she tries to decide what to do about her relationship with Josh. He is actually off in rehab right now and is supposed to be getting help with his problems. A source actually spoke out exclusively to Hollywood Life about what is going on with this Duggar couple.

“When Josh heard that Anna was contemplating divorce, he flipped out. They don’t speak on a regular basis. However, ever since this talk of divorce, he’s been begging her not to leave him. He says he’s determined to change, by the grace of God, and [he’s] working hard to get to that place.”

It sounds like Josh Duggar might have finally realized that Anna is the best thing to ever happen to him. Not very many women would stick by a man through all of the things that Anna has put up with from Josh over the last couple of years. Nobody has ever revealed how much Anna knew about the cheating, but she did know about the molestation scandal before she ever married him and forgave him for what he had done.

Anna Duggar’s siblings have been doing all that they can to try to get her to leave him. Now that she is away from the Duggars and actually staying with her own family, it does sound like there is a chance that they may convince Anna Duggar to leave Josh and move on with her life. Her family is by her side right now and it does sound like Anna has a lot of support if she decides to file for divorce.

K Drama Stars shared the news that Anna Duggar is struggling a bit while taking care of all four children by herself. The kids are starting to ask what is going on and why daddy isn’t around. The fact that Anna and Josh Duggar’s kids have noticed makes it harder on her without a doubt. A source spoke out about how Anna is feeling now.

“These new allegations have made her feel disgusting. Anna is a loving woman and a devout Christian, but given what Josh has done, no one would be surprised if she decided she never wanted to see her again.”

Do you feel like Anna Duggar will actually leave Josh and move on with her life? Do you think when he leaves rehab the 19 Kids and Counting star will decide to take him back once again? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts.

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