Star Wars Battlefront Is Perfect Despite Its Flaws

As 2015 comes to an end, the excitement begins with the tantalizing tease that is the limited beta run of Star Wars: Battlefront, which was supposed to end on October 12 but has been extended one more day.

Gamers are generally excited about it. Why? A review from Wired, explains design choices made in Star Wars: Battlefront. Another solid, even-handed review posted in the Inquisitr, regarding the resolution and the game play suggests the beta is a bold effort in giving players a full feel of the game despite the fact that it’s a beta release. According to the reivew, Star Wars: Battlefront doesn’t feel so locked down.

However, at least a few reviews on the cross-platform game play deliver the consensus that Star Wars: Battlefront is a disappointment on the Xbox. Here’s one review on Forbes about why there’s no excuse for it.

Since it’s release right before the weekend, Star Wars: Battlefront has already been thoroughly analyzed and sussed out all over the Internet so essentially, the Star Wars: Battlefront carcass has been picked clean.

But there are still a significant amount of people left out of the Star Wars: Battlefront franchise for one reason or another, so it’s a good idea to share some basics on the game. The most important being that Star Wars: Battlefront will parallel the release of the movie in December and until then, the beta is just like any other beta, it’s only for the hardcore Star Wars: Battlefront folks.

Star Wars Battlefront's Early Pre-Beta Testers Star Wars Battlefront Players, some fighting for the Empire or the Rebels. [Photo courtesy of Marco Verch via Flickr | Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0) ]That certainly works for a binge entertainment culture.

“Folks” being the key word here because only one of my folks gets excited about Star Wars stuff, and I sent them a video of the Star Wars Battlefront game play.

This reminds me that even people who are not used to playing games — or know anything about console gaming — might still enjoy getting into the middle of it all, as the Star Wars Battlefront experience is already immersive, even admitted to by those experienced with playing shooters.

For those who are vaguely familiar with the Star Wars Battlefront series there might be confusion on the title. Instead of the title reading Star Wars: Battlefront, the colon has been removed to read Star Wars Battlefront. The reason being that it’s a remake of the original Star Wars: Battlefront game, a renew, an upgrade.

What’s of real interest to me are the 12 multi-player maps, including the way the developers came together to create the planet Sullust, which is talked about on EA‘s Star Wars: Battlefront blog.

Also, the map for The Battle of Jakku is something to look forward to as it’s been the most widely recognized environment in the Star Wars trailer this year. A environment that Star Wars fans are already excited to play. If we learned anything from the Star Wars movies — at least the first three — they have a habit of creating memorable environments such as Hoth, Endor and now Jakku.

Of the many Star Wars: Battlefront reviews out there, there are only a few Star Wars: Battlefront reviews that are entertaining to read or watch. Here’s a video of Star Wars: Battlefront as a first impression, which is an informative but mostly hilarious review.

With every major release of every widely talked about game, social media has it’s share of trolls. Comments on the potential failure of Star Wars: Battlefront, and many of those leading the charge, haven’t disappointed.

Many have said the pricing, or the way The Battle Of Jakku promotional campaign was being executed, was a sign that Star Wars: Battlefront would be a terrible and horrendous failure.

There was this sense that Star Wars: Battlefront was going to be just another game by a third party company cashing in on the Star Wars brand and using a Star Wars skin on an established game. While Battlefront appeared to run pretty quickly through its development cycle since the announcement last year, an article by Gamespot goes into some of the details as to why Star Wars: Battlefront it isn’t just a Battlefield game with a Star Wars skin.

Despite all of the talk, good or bad about Star Wars: Battlefront, most concerns leaning toward the dark side have proven to be nothing but talk. Based on the beta experience, it would seem EA is prepping for the full release of Star Wars: Battlefront and to fix any issues.

Many Star Wars fans, gamers or not, will be ready to jump right in line when Star Wars: Battlefront is perfected.

[Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images]