Wanna ‘Netflix And Chill’? There’s Even Condoms For The Occasion

“Netflix and chill” seems benign enough, but it’s code for “Why don’t you come over so we can have sex?” There’s a million memes about it on Facebook, and as the Inquisitr recently reported, there are even apps to help you achieve the scenario, which may not even involve Netflix at all. According to Digital Trends, Yousef Okasheh, a recent graduate of the University of Texas at Austin, went into business with a friend to sell “The Netflix and Chill” condom. Okasheh says it was those very memes on Facebook that prompted the idea, knowing it is part of pop culture with Generation Y.

“I saw a couple memes have been floating around, and I was like, ‘Oh my God, I think it would be hilarious to quickly sell [condoms]’. These make a great present to give your partner for any NF and chill event. They also make great presents for anyone, on nearly any occasion… just as long as you want to have sex with them.”

Okasheh does point out that the condoms, which are selling for about $12 for a pack of three, come with neither a Netflix or sex partner. You’ll have to obtain those yourself. However, the condoms follow FDA guidelines for contraceptive use, are lubricated, and won’t expire for several years. Your Netflix subscription will expire before the condoms do – assuming, that is, you even attempt to pretend that you’re going to watch Netflix. The condoms only come in one size, for the average-endowed, so if you are larger or smaller than average, you might have to “Netflix and chill” with a cheaper, but less entertaining brand of condom.

Although Netflix does not have any official association with the condoms, Netflix doesn’t seem to mind the sales pitch. That’s likely because their streaming has gone up since the phrase became well known. Netflix CEO Reed Hastings seemed to find it comical when he took to Twitter to talk about it.

“Netflix and chill condoms? The meme has got to be peaking soon. https://nfandchill.squarespace.com”

So what’s the story behind “Netflix and Chill”? It seems to have originated on Twitter, morphing from an innocuous statement, ”I’m so tired, I’m about to go home and watch Netflix and chill tonight” to “He says he wants to Netflix and chill, but you know what he really means.” Popularity of the phrase among teens is high, likely because oblivious parents wouldn’t think twice if they heard “Netflix and chill” or saw their child text it to someone.

Netflix and Chill

Urban Dictionary even included it in their last edition, describing it like this.

“code for two people going to each others houses and f***ing or doing other sexual related acts.”

And, while it may be a cheap date, it’s about to get a little more expensive to “Netflix and Chill” because Netflix is increasing their streaming prices. But the popularity of the phrase in pop culture may encourage people to continue to buy Netflix. According to Fusion, B.o.B even released a song about the catchphrase and its meaning.

was thinkin’ Netflix and chill, Netflix and chill/ I got drink and smoke and d–k that’s if you come through for real/ I was thinkin’ Netflix and chill, Netflix and chill/ I wake up and need it up that’s a bed and breakfast for real, oh yeah”


Romantic? Probably not, but at least the condoms can help make it a safer experience. And, parents are catching on – and maybe using the catchphrase themselves. One Twitter user complained that her father asked her mother if she wanted to “Netflix and chill” and then added, “How does he even know what that means?”

Back to business: Netflix’s stock price continues to rise, with the company now having more than 65 million subscribers and a permanent spot in the teen slang of 2015.

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