Nick Saban: ‘Arrogant Attitude’ Of Alabama Crimson Tide Fans Won’t Win SEC, Or Beat Arkansas Razorbacks

According to Alabama coach Nick Saban, “arrogant attitude[s]” such as those displayed by some football fans will not help the Crimson Tide win against other teams in the SEC. While the Crimson Tide’s record so far may include a lot of winning, Saban points out everyone needs to treat the competition seriously so they can be prepared with the right mindset.

[Update] The final score of the Razorbacks Vs. Crimson Tide game was 14-27, bringing the Crimson Tide win record in 2015 to 5-1.

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Nick Saban’s “arrogant attitude” comment came up during his weekly “Hey Coach!” radio show. During his nine seasons as the Alabama Crimson Tide coach, Saban has posted a 90-18 record, with a 51-12 record within the SEC. Some fans argue that this makes the Crimson Tide the best team in the SEC, but Saban calls this arrogant attitude a potential downfall when it comes to taking on the Arkansas Razorbacks.

“I think everyone should have the mindset that this is going to be a tough game,” Saban said, according to AL. “Get it out of your mind that anybody we play in the SEC is not going to be a tough game. They all are going to be a tough game. Don’t have an arrogant attitude that we are better than anybody else; we’re not. Until we beat them on the field, we’re not. That’s the attitude we should have and we all should do it together.”

Of course, some fans might say there is a good reason to have an arrogant attitude right about now. The Crimson Tide Vs. Razorbacks game is being fought right now at Bryant-Denny Stadium, and so far Nick Saban’s Tide is rolling over the Razorbacks. The Crimson Tide scored three points in the first quarter, and as of this publishing the offense of the Razorbacks has been unable to respond in kind.

Nick Saban staying at Alabama

That is not to say that victory is assured. In 2014, Alabama barely managed to beat the Razorbacks with a 14-13 score. It is always possible that the Crimson Tide may add another loss to their record, especially considering how they messed up with Mississippi in an earlier game.

It could be also argued that some of the Arkansas Razorback players are trying to psych themselves out by adopting an arrogant attitude of their own.

“We’re going to go down there with the attitude that we can win the game, and that’s what we’re going to try and do,” said Razorbacks tailback Alex Collins. “That’s what we’re preparing for, and that’s the attitude we’ll have. We want to go down there and beat those guys in their house on their homecoming.”

Whatever the outcome of tonight’s game, Nick Saban’s “arrogant attitude” comment was also balanced out by his other advice for Crimson Tide fans. Saban realizes that everyone gets all excited when there is a big win, or that they want to make a big statement about the Crimson Tide’s record so far. The Alabama coach says fans should show their appreciation by creating “the same identity and support of our team that I’m sure they will need playing against a very good Arkansas team.”

“The energy and enthusiasm that our fans show our team goes a long way in helping our players maintain the kind of focus and intensity that I talk about all the time that’s necessary to play well,” said Saban.

What do you think about Nick Saban’s comments about Alabama fans having an arrogant attitude? Assuming you’re watching it live, what do you think about the Crimson Tide Vs. Razorbacks game so far?

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