‪‪Jim Carrey‬‬ Lays Cathriona White To Rest, Feels Devastated

Jim Carrey referred to Cathriona White as his “delicate Irish flower,” and it seems she was even more fragile than even Carrey had suspected since she was laid to rest in Ireland on Saturday, following a funeral at White’s hometown of Cappawhite, located in Tiperrary. Understandably, Mr. Carrey, along with Cathriona’s family, was “terribly upset” at the proceedings, according to witness observations of White’s funeral provided to People magazine.

Jim Carrey’s Presence at Cathriona White’s Funeral Provides Support

“It was nice that he carried her coffin,” one funeral attendee stated. “Cathriona’s sisters and family seemed very glad to have him there.” Jim Carrey arrived just shortly before Cathriona’s wake on Friday evening, which was held at Ms. White’s family-owned funeral home in Cappawhite. While hundreds of mourners paid their respects at the wake, the following Saturday morning funeral was reserved for the friends and family of both Cathriona and Mr. Carrey.

White’s coffin was escorted throughout the village streets until the procession arrived at a local cemetery. A memorial service was conducted earlier in the week in Los Angeles with Ms. White’s family arriving from Ireland to attend. Jim attended to the White family’s needs while they visited, meeting Cathriona’s sister at Carrey’s Brentwood address and shuttling the entire family around during the stressful visit. The service was performed at a ranch in Altadena, California.

Jim Carrey has been publicly grieving since news of Cathriona’s death was first released, and, upon learning of White’s passing, Jim released a statement declaring that he was “deeply saddened by the passing of my sweet Cathriona.” Carrey added to his earlier statements, expressing his deep feelings for Cathriona and the absence he feels at her passing. “She was a truly kind and delicate Irish flower, too sensitive for this soil, to whom loving and being loved was all that sparkled,” Carrey said. “My heart goes out to her family and friends and to everyone who loved and cared about her.”

Cathriona White Was Believed To Have Died In An Apparent Suicide

Los Angeles authorities responded to a call at Ms. White’s residence on Monday, September 28, and pronounced Cathriona dead on the scene, reports E! News. An examination by the Los Angeles Coroner’s office determined that Ms. White had died from a drug overdose in an apparent suicide.

Cathriona was found beside a bottle of pills and a note, which indicated her reasons for seeking to end her own life. The note referred to her break-up with Jim Carrey as the underlying reason for her suicide.

Carrey and White, a professional make-up artist, met in 2012 and dated for a few months, before a break-up sent them on their separate ways. Jim and Cathriona again reunited this past May, sparking a new romance.

At the funeral in Ireland, Cathriona’s suster, Sarah, remarked on Ms. White’s great capacity for love and how tenaciously Ms. White held onto that ability to love and to be love throughout her travels. Even relocating to Los Angeles couldn’t harden Cathriona’s heart.

This recent loss was especially disheartening for the White family, because Cathriona’s father had been taken from the family only two years ago. Sarah White added in her statement that she found some comfort knowing that Cathriona had been reunited with their father, Pat, especially since the two had been so close during their lives.

It was White’s ability to find love so readily that brought her back to Carrey, and the two shared a second brief romance, which filled Cathriona with happiness. Recent Instagram posts from Ms. White, many of them black and white photographs, put images to her emotions. Cathriona also shared pictures from her recent birthday dinner, leaving no signs that she might be feeling at all depressed by the break-up with Jim Carrey.

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