Did Jill Dillard Go On A Diet Due To Pregnancy Rumors? Duggar Daughter Rapidly Drops Weight

Jill Dillard welcomed son Israel in April of this year. Almost immediately after the birth fans began speculating that Jill may already be pregnant with the couple’s second child. The Duggar family is openly opposed to the use of birth control and Jill seems to be no exception to that rule. In fact, Jill became pregnant almost immediately after marrying her husband Derick with what many referred to as a honeymoon baby. Therefore, it would not be unlikely for the Duggar daughter to have back-to-back pregnancies. However, it seems the Duggar daughter is putting the rumors to rest, at least for the time being, by posting photos of her more svelte figure along with a video of her exercise routine with baby Israel.

Jill dIllard

Many Duggar fans suspected that Jill Dillard may be expecting her second child after images showed the new mother’s swollen midsection. One video in particular, which was uploaded to her personal Instagram account, which featured the doting mother pushing her son on playground equipment in Central America. The video showed a beaming Jill as she circled the playground equipment with her 4-month-old son. However, fans seemed to focus more on Jill’s loose fitting clothing and larger-than-normal stomach than baby Israel. In fact, many began offering congratulations to the young couple on the second pregnancy.

Jill dillard

Speculation continued as fans continued to comment on Jill’s more plump appearance. However, it seems the congratulations may have been premature. New photos of the Dillard family show Jill with a thinner frame and tighter fitting clothing. It seems that the young mother has, after six months, began to gain her more svelte form once again.

Jill Dillard appears thin

It should be noted that Jill Dillard’s weight retention following the birth of baby Israel is completely normal. Though we see celebrities like Victoria Beckham emerge from the birth of their child looking almost exactly as they did before pregnancy, that is not the norm for most of society. Jill Dillard’s post-pregnancy belly is more typical. Women’s Health Magazine reports that most women do not go back to their pre-pregnancy form for three to 12 months. It was noted that for many women, the process can take even longer, especially if the mother had a difficult birth or excessive weight gain during pregnancy. Therefore, at six months post-pregnancy, Jill seems to have arrived back to her pre-pregnancy form and is looking good, according to fans.

In addition to the photos of Jill appearing to have lost significant weight, the Duggar Family Official Facebook page also posted a video of Jill doing bench presses with baby Israel.

Jill Dillard

Jill can be seen lifting Israel over her head and bouncing him on her midsection. Therefore, many noted that Jill is likely not pregnant and is just enjoying time with her new son as her body recovers from her difficult birth. So it seems that Duggar fans may have jumped the gun on the congratulations of a new Dillard baby.

What do you think about the Jill Dillard pregnancy rumors? Do the new photos and video indicate that the Duggar daughter is not pregnant after all?

[Image Credit: Instagram]