E3 2012: First Star Wars 1313 Gameplay Footage Looks Incredible

We still don’t know a whole lot about Star Wars 1313 apart from what little information was revealed when the game was announced ahead of E3, but we can at least get more of an idea of what the game will look like thanks to a clip from GameTrailers TV.

In the clip, LucasArts’ Dominic Robilliard shows off some all-new in-game footage of Star Wars 1313, and what was shown looked incredible in just about every way. The graphics were top notch, the facial animation was outstanding, and the action sequences make Star Wars 1313 look like the love child of Uncharted and Call of Duty.

Star Wars 1313 looks so good, in fact, that it seems likely that the game will end up on next-gen consoles. LucasArts didn’t say what platforms the game will arrive on so we don’t know for sure, but the demo that was showed off to press was being run on a high-end PC, if that’s any indication.

There’s no word on Star Wars 1313‘s release date, so don’t look forward to seeing it arrive on PC and consoles–next-gen or otherwise–anytime soon.

You can check out the Star Wars 1313 gameplay footage for yourself below.