Watch Soccer Fan Dad Cry Tears Of Joy When His Daughter Surprises Him With USA-Mexico Tickets

A video of a soccer fan crying tears of joy when his daughter surprises him with tickets to Saturday’s USA-Mexico soccer game has gone viral, CBS Los Angeles is reporting.

A Twitter user, whose actual name is not known as of this post, surprised her dad — a lifelong Mexico soccer fan — with tickets to Saturday’s USA-Mexico CONCACAF soccer game. She posted the video of her dad’s tears of joy earlier this week, and it has quickly gone viral, earning tens of thousands of shares and “favorites” on Twitter.

One such share came from none other than L.A. Galaxy player Giovani Dos Santos.

And in a later development, the apparently emotion-prone dad has taken to crying at watching the video of himself crying.

Some 90,000 fans are expected at Saturday’s match at Pasadena’s Rose Bowl, according to Huffington Post. Among them will be sailormoonprincess’ dad, who has never seen his favorite team play in person.

“I just couldn’t stop crying because of his reaction. I’m so excited for him. He really deserves this & i’m happy that my siblings & I were able to make this happen.”

Since the advent of smart phones and social media, “Reaction Videos” have become a popular form of internet entertainment. Videos of husbands, soon-to-be grandparents, and soon-to-be siblings are among the most popular.

For a few weeks in 2013, social media and YouTube users posted thousands of videos of their friends and family members’ horrified reactions to a crucial scene in a Game of Thrones episode entitled “The Red Wedding.” If you haven’t seen the episode (and the video below may contain spoilers), all you really need to know is that several beloved characters die in a few, gruesome minutes.

Other types of reaction videos include children reacting to iconic movie moments (a child reacting to the revelation that Darth Vader is Luke Skywalker’s father garnered over three million views on YouTube); sports fans reacting to critical moments in a game; and deaf people hearing for the first time.

But perhaps the most famous series of reaction videos of all time hit the internet in 2007. An indescribably disgusting adult film video, entitled “2 Girls 1 Cup,” began making the rounds of the internet in October of that year. It provoked visceral reactions in its viewers — reeling in horror, dry heaving, even vomiting — so much so that peoples’ reactions to the video became a source of amusement and entertainment. Even today, a search for “2 Girls 1 Cup reaction” on YouTube will earn around 23,000 results.

Reaction videos, says New York Times Magazine writer Sam Anderson, tap directly into the collective human psyche.

“The great lesson of the genre is that we are physically different — our couches, beds, hairstyles — but spiritually uniform. A grandmother sitting in front of a ferret cage is the same as two college girls in a dorm room. This is part of the appeal of reaction videos: they allow us to experience, at a time of increasing cultural difference, the comforting universality of human nature.”

Of course, the best reaction videos are the ones that warm the heart. Sure, there are more Earth-shattering things going on in this world than a middle-aged man getting tickets to a soccer game, but that’s not the point. Watching this happy dad cry tears of joy over a moment he’s waited for his entire life — a moment he never expected — can make just about anyone’s day.

[Image courtesy of Twitter]