#MomTexts: 15 Times Mom Texts Caused Serious Face Palms

Fans know that #MomTexts as a Twitter hashtag was first introduced by Jimmy Fallon two years ago, and it is little wonder why it is still trending on Twitter. Here are some of the latest and funniest #MomTexts that are currently trending on Twitter.

It’s bad enough when parents start using social media and instant messaging – or even just texting – in an attempt to keep up with the younger generations, but it’s worse when they get their hands on graphics and emojis to brighten up their updates. Just think: for every emoji or graphic that a mom adds to a text message, a teenager somewhere does a massive face palm.

It’s a proven fact that reflexes get slower as you get older, so it is little wonder why parents and sneaky cell phone photography usually don’t mix. This mom was obviously so excited about seeing Jane Lynch out to lunch that she couldn’t control her hand tremors, and this was the best sneaky photo could manage. #MomTexts, indeed.

It’s bad enough when Moms embrace mainstream social media, but when they start suggesting that family pets should have their own Instagram accounts, you know they’ve gone over to the dark side.

Motherly warnings used to come in the form of a stern talk over the breakfast table, or perhaps over a cup of tea. But when warnings against getting arrested and reminders that she won’t be bailing you out come via an instant message, it’s time for mom to stop texting.

It used to be that parents only have the ability to embarrass you in person: perhaps during a school pickup or drop-off, or by volunteering to chaperone a school dance. Now parents can embarrass their children 24 hours a day, seven days a week with carefully worded #MomTexts.

Moms can appear technologically incompetent at times, with their #MomTexts and other cringeworthy faux pas, yet at other times they come across as suspiciously clever. This one in particular seems to know exactly what she was doing. Hrmm.

Is it mom that misses you or the family dog? Couple mom with a technologically advanced smartphone complete with a multi-megapixel inbuilt camera and you’re guaranteed to receive several blurry close-up photos of the family pet every week.

Moms have a tendency to overshare, whether it is in real life, via text message, or on social media. However, it’s when random confessions come with no further explanation or back story offered, that you know you’ve just received another one of your mother’s classic #MomTexts.

Motherly advice can come in many forms, yet think back to just a few years ago and it would have seemed absurd to have received advice from your mom about sugar daddies and careers as a stripper via text message. Wait: It still is absurd, no matter what the medium.

Speaking of motherly advice in the form of another one of your mother’s classic #MomTexts, this one suggests stripping nude for an art class for $15 per hour.

Normally it’s the child receiving fashion advice from their mother, but just give mom access to a smartphone and some modern technology and the fashion questions will be flowing.

They say that a little knowledge is much more dangerous than no knowledge at all, shown by these classic #MomTexts where the naughty child has changed “store” to “strip club” in her mother’s smartphone’s AutoCorrect settings and refuses to tell her how to change it back!

When mom starts texting, you can guarantee that you will be receiving photos of biblical figures in crackers, animal faces in the clouds, and even the Arby’s logo in the morning toast.

What have been some of your mom’s most classic #MomTexts? Comment below and let us know.

And before we go, a word of warning: The longer you can possibly prevent your mom from finding out how to add emojis to her texts, the better.

[Photo: Photo from Mike Coppola / Getty Images]