‘Bachelor’ 2016 Rumors: Which Girl Fakes Christianity To Win Ben’s Heart?

Fans who think Ben Higgins’ season of The Bachelor will be a sleeper are in for a big surprise. While the 27-year-old software salesman appears to be a mild-mannered gentleman, the girls cast for his show are rumored to be making Season 20 one big drama-fest.

According to Life & Style‘s insider, one girl leaves a boyfriend back home and pretends she is a Christian to win Ben’s heart. There are also rumors that twin sisters cast for the show have been fighting over Ben just two weeks into filming and causing problems among the other 24 girls. Top it off with a nutritional therapist who finalized her second divorce shortly before the show started and it sounds like the Bachelor has his hands full.

According to blogger Reality Steve, reporter and news anchor Olivia Caridi is still filming the show and is one of the girls who went on this week’s group date in Las Vegas. However, the Texas native is rumored to be one of the girls who came on the show for fame, not love.

In Life & Style‘s latest issue, Olivia “claimed she was single” before coming on the show, but was rumored to be in a “serious relationship” right before filming started. The 23-year-old, who is a weekend anchor for WCYB in Virginia, is said to be pretending to be a “Christian like Ben” to get his attention, but the magazine’s insider claims that she may be an atheist.

“She’s opportunistic, she’s fake and she’s only on The Bachelor for the fame.”

If the gossip about Olivia isn’t enough to get fans talking when Bachelor Mondays return in January, there’s a chance that twin sisters Emily and Haley Ferguson will double the drama. The twins, who work as cocktail waitresses at a Las Vegas hotel, recently appeared on CMT’s reality show Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team. There are rumors that Emily and Haley are fighting over Ben, perhaps a veiled attempt to get noticed by producers so they will be cast on the next season of Bachelor in Paradise.

On Friday, Reality Steve revealed that contestant Breanne Rice, who reportedly joined the show right after her second divorce was finalized, has already been eliminated. The 30-year-old health blogger from Seattle was reportedly sent home this week while the cast was filming in Las Vegas. It looks like Ben won’t be husband number three for Breanne, who has been married twice.

“Breanne has been divorced. Twice. First marriage she went by Breanne Lovett, as evidenced by an old LinkedIn page. Second marriage was in 2013, lasted a little over a year, divorce recently finalized.”

So, in the rumor round-up we have a news anchor who may have left her boyfriend to come on the show, twins who seem to be gunning for a career in reality TV, and a “Holistic Nutritional Therapy Practitioner” who finalized her second divorce shortly before coming on the show. If Ben Higgins is truly looking for love as the Bachelor, the odds are quickly stacking up against him.

However, fans who are hoping Bachelor Chris Soules’ runner-up, Becca Tilley, makes it to the final rose ceremony will be happy to hear that she had a one-on-one wedding date with Ben while in Vegas. While Reality Steve doesn’t expect Becca to “reach hometown dates this season,” she’s already made it through four episodes, so time will tell how things turn out.

Filming will continue into November, so expect more spoilers to pop up online as the remaining girls continue on their journey to find love or create drama on the Bachelor. Watch the season premiere on ABC on January 4, 2016.