Northern Arizona University Shooting: 3 Hurt, 1 Dead In Flagstaff Campus Shooting -- NAU Updates Via Twitter, Down [Video]

As impossible as another school shooting may seem, there has been a shooting at Northern Arizona University in the pre-dawn hours that left three people hurt and one person dead. Regarding the Northern Arizona University shooting, details are still flowing in, but the official Twitter account for Northern Arizona University has been updating the public about the shooting, providing further details and a phone number for parents and concerned parties to call.

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The NAU Twitter account is also providing links for updates about the Northern Arizona University shooting. Some of those links that point to are down right now, likely due to the amount of web traffic the university's servers are receiving as people try to visit the website for more information about the shooting on campus.

The "live" tab on Twitter for a Northern Arizona University search will bring up the latest updates about the shooting.

One person was killed and three other people were shot, and the shooter is in custody from the Northern Arizona University shooting. Thus far, there is no word on a motive, and authorities in Arizona plan a press conference for 9 a.m. ET -- which is 6 a.m. Arizona local time.
This tragic Northern Arizona University shooting occurred only one week after a shooter opened fired in Oregon on a college campus. The shooting at Northern Arizona University took place at Mountain View Hall, reports this video from CNN, at approximately 1:20 a.m. local Arizona time, which translates into 4:20 a.m. ET.

On Twitter, the search term "Northern Arizona University" is a trending topic, with Twitter reporting 14,500 tweets about the shooting thus far. Most folks are tweeting news reports about the shooting at Northern Arizona University, while others are shocked and saddened that another shooting on another college campus has occurred. Indeed, since the shooting happened during the early morning hours, many students were likely awakened by the news of the shooting, while others are just waking up to new about the Northern Arizona University school shooting that occurred, wherein a total of four people were shot and one didn't survive.

"Such terrible news to wake up to. Prayers to everyone! "

Initially, Mountain View Hall residents were warned to stay indoors by the campus Twitter account, however, the campus is no longer on lockdown. Authorities say they got a call about the shooting at the Northern Arizona University campus in Flagstaff, Arizona. Later, the three people injured in the Arizona shooting were taken to the hospital, although their condition is currently unknown. Northern Arizona University is a very large school, with the Flagstaff campus enjoying approximately 20,000 students as part of their population, so no doubt plenty of worried parents want updates about the shooting on campus and the injured and dead.

The extent of the injuries of those wounded in the Northern Arizona University shooting isn't known at this time, however, the shooting occurred at a dorm that houses Greek organizations. The press conference at 9 a.m. ET should reveal more information about the deadly shooting and whether or not police have yet uncovered a motive in the Northern Arizona University shooting that they can pass along to the public -- along with more details.

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