Chloe Goins: Is She The Woman That Will Send Bill Cosby To Prison?

Another name has been added to the growing list of Bill Cosby's alleged rape victims. A 24-year-old model came forward to accuse Cosby of sexual molestation, claiming the comedian drugged and sexually assaulted her when she was 18.

The complainant, Chloe Goins, together with her lawyers, filed a civil lawsuit on Wednesday. The case cites an incident that happened six years ago at a Playboy Mansion party where she met the comedian.

"I have chosen to relive the ordeal of this deeply traumatic attack to expose the truth and bring justice for all the victims of sexual assault across the nation," the model said in a statement.

Goins said she was empowered by the more than 50 women who came forward to press charges against the 78-year-old comedian, even though most of them could not bring the case to court.

"With the filing of this lawsuit, it is my hope that he will in fact face justice," Goins explained.

Hers is the only case that falls within the statute of limitations. In California, a sexual assault case includes a maximum of 48 months imprisonment and a possible $10,000 fine depending on the evidence presented and the aggravating factors in the case.

The statute of limitations for the other alleged victims had already expired before they brought the case to authorities, making it difficult for them to prosecute Cosby.

The L.A. Police Department's findings on the investigation of Goins' claims were recently forwarded to the L.A. County District Attorney, who will decide if the case will proceed. Spencer Kevin, legal representative for Goins, said the complainant is not interested in a settlement because she wants Cosby to be prosecuted.

"Today marks a critical step in empowering women to address the rape culture that has become so prevalent in the entertainment industry and in the American conversation," Kevin said in a statement on Wednesday.

Goins said she was not sure if she had been raped because she was in a daze at the time, but when she woke up, she saw Cosby crouched over her, groping her body and licking her toes. She said she felt "embarrassed... violated and humiliated" and described the experience as a "gross, icky feeling." Goins also said she was scared and was not "very sexually experienced."

Goins said she did not take medication or any type of drugs that night, although she is sure someone added a sedative to her drink, which Cosby gave to her. She also stated that it was her first drink that night.

More than 50 women have surfaced to accuse Cosby of rape and sexual assault, but he was never convicted for any of the charges filed against him.

Another complainant named Judy Huth claimed Cosby sexually molested her at a Playboy party when she was only 15.

Cosby finally spoke up about the accusations thrown at him and asked the "black media" to "stay neutral" in their reports.

He told Page Six that he expects the black media "to uphold the standards of excellence in journalism," which could only be done with a "neutral mind."

It seems that Goins has a criminal record of her own, as she has committed juvenile offenses in the past. Radar Online obtained court documents stating Goins was arrested in Las Vegas for prostitution three years ago. According to Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, Goins had records on misdemeanor charges: one count of a minor in a gambling establishment and one count of soliciting prostitution.

Although cops found probable cause to arrest Goins, charges were never filed, according to the Clark County District Attorney's Office.

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