Niall Horan Booed By One Direction Fans In Glasgow: Here's Why

One Direction fans roundly booed Niall Horan during the boy-band's sold out performance at Glasgow's SSE Hydro last night. Horan forms the Irish contingent in the band, and, to an extent, his nationality was responsible for his being rounded on by fans. Fear not though, the One Direction fans were not hating on Niall, and the booing was just a bit of good natured fun.

Those outside the continent of Europe may not be aware that last night saw the latest round of qualifying matches for soccer's European championships, due to be held in France next year. The qualifying groups pitched Niall's Ireland and Scotland in the same group, and, as any One Direction fan knows, Horan is a huge football fan. Both Ireland and Scotland had home fixtures last night. Horan's Ireland played world champions Germany in Dublin whilst the Scots took on Poland in Glasgow. Both teams needed a win to have any hope of securing a place in the finals.

Horan's band-mate Harry Styles is ever the diplomat and told the packed crowd in Glasgow that One Direction appreciated their support. Harry went on to say that "It's very important to say we here at One Direction wish Scotland good luck against Poland."

As soon as Harry voiced his support, Niall piped up that he wasn't supporting Scotland because they were in the same group as his Ireland team.

The Scottish crowd roundly booed Niall when he revealed that he would be supporting his beloved Ireland and not Scotland.

"We are in the same group as them. I love Scotland but I prefer Ireland. I'm not going to lie. What do you want me to do? Say I hate Ireland?"
According to the Daily Record, the crowd's reaction was predictable but good natured as they booed Horan. Harry Styles even joked that Niall would be "banished from Scotland."
Niall did later have the good grace to say that he wished Scotland good luck. Sadly for Scotland, the best wishes on Horan and One Direction proved fruitless, as they could only draw 2 - 2 with Poland and can no longer qualify for the finals.

On the other hand, Horan's Ireland managed to defeat world champions Germany, so they still have a chance to qualify if they win their final group game against Poland on Sunday. To Niall's delight Ireland won their match with striker Shane Long scoring the only goal of the game.

According to Unreality TV, Horan caused some confusion among One Direction fans who are not soccer fans when he announced on Twitter that he was aiming to name his firstborn son after Ireland's goal scorer Shane Long. Apparently some fans thought that Niall was announcing that he is following band-mate Louis Tomlinson's lead by becoming a dad. Niall was simply celebrating Ireland's win, not impending fatherhood.
The Mirror reports that Niall was delighted that Ireland managed a win against Germany and it turned out that Niall was wise to wish Scotland good luck. By a bizarre co-incidence, Horan ended up spending the night in the same hotel as the Scotland soccer team after One Direction's show wrapped up. Niall could easily have experienced an awkward moment with the crestfallen soccer team had he not extended his good wishes.

Last night marked Niall and his band-mates final show in Scotland before the band split, at least temporarily next year. Horan and his pals have three shows in Birmingham this weekend before they move on to Horan's homeland for six dates next week.

[Photo by Mat Hayward/Getty Images]