Will Sarah Paulson’s Character Die In ‘American Horror Story: Hotel’?

After four seasons of FX’s American Horror Story, could season 5 be the one that finally kills off Sarah Paulson? Considering Paulson plays the role of Hypodermic Sally, it seems likely it is time for one of her American Horror Story characters to die.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about FX’s American Horror Story: Hotel. Please proceed with caution if you have not yet viewed all available episodes.

In season 5 of American Horror Story, Sarah Paulson plays the role of Hypodermic Sally. In previous seasons, her character has normally a role that fell into the “good” aspect of characters. However, as Sarah Paulson was quoted in the Huffington Post earlier this year, Hypodermic Sally will definitely be a villain. “I’ve never played any villain on the show. So perhaps [there’ll] be an element of bad, bad girl,” Paulson said. As a result of her first time as a “baddie”, will Sarah Paulson also see the first time one of her American Horror Story characters is killed off?

Sarah Paulson stars as Hypodermic Sally in FX's American Horror Story Hotel Episode 1

This was the very question E! Online reporter, Kristin Dos Santos, also wanted to know when she interviewed Sarah Paulson recently. In the interview, Sarah Paulson describe Hypodermic Sally as a “very dark girl. But also a very broken girl… like a broken rag doll. She has a lot of emotion, she’s got a lot of fire in her belly. She has a drug problem, she’s very selfish, she had hopes of being a singer that were sort of dashed.” While Sarah Paulson likes carrying the “badge of honor” when it comes to her characters always surviving American Horror Story, she did “fear for her character a little bit” as a result of this.

Sarah Paulson then went on to muddy the waters about her character when Kristin then asked her to participate in their “two truths, one lie” about season 5 of American Horror Story. her three statements were:

  1. Sally’s actually a man.
  2. The Hotel Cortez doesn’t actually exist.
  3. Mare Winningham is actually Hypodermic Sally’s mother

Fans can now speculate over which statement is actually the lie. As yet, there has been no reliable information on whether Sarah Paulson’s character, Hypodermic Sally, will die or not in season 5 of American Horror Story, but, considering her drug addiction and the fact the show’s creator, Ryan Murphy likes to surprise people, maybe it really is time for Sarah Paulson to come ot a gruesome end? Only time will tell.

The eagerly anticipated Episode 1 (entitled “Chutes and Ladders”) of American horror Story: Hotel aired on Wednesday in the U.S. with Variety describing the first scene as such:

“Hotel immediately ditches the fear of outsiders that served as the catalyst for Freak Show, harkening back to the claustrophobia of Murder House and clearly taking cues from another hotel horror, Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining, in influences that can be seen right in the first scene.”

Lady Gaga Matt Bomer American Horror Story Hotel

However, it was a scene involving Sarah Paulson’s character that really got people fired up. After a character called Gabriel (played by Max Greenfield) arrives at Hotel Cortez for a drug fix, his high gets knocked down after he is raped by a character with a drill-bit dildo. Sarah Paulson’s character, Hypodermic Sally then appears to ask Gabriel if he loves her. Besides Sally’s need to be loved, it turns out she lured another character, Donovan (Matt Bomer) to the hotel to get a heroin fix. Donovan was, of course the character involved in Episode 1’s other out there scene; the foursome between himself and the Countess (Lady Gaga) that resulted in a bloodbath.

American Horror Story: Hotel returns to FX on Wednesday, October 14, 2015.

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