‘Get Together’ Expansion For ‘The Sims 4’ Including Clubs, New Windenburg World Delayed, Releasing On December 8

Sims will soon be able to join Clubs, visit the new world of Windenburg, use new walk-in closets, and even WooHoo in new locations when the “Get Together” expansion releases. The second expansion was announced at Gamescom in August with a targeted release date in November. However, the expansion is proving rather ambitious and The Sims 4 developers have decided to delay the expansion’s release until December.

Clubs, the new gameplay feature coming to The Sims 4 which lets Sims create and join social circles, is getting expanded. Clubs will let Sims group together with certain goals in mind, and a Club’s leader can set certain rules of members of the Club. Certain behaviors can be encouraged or discouraged within a Club, and while grouped with other members Sims might completely ignore their normal manners in favor for those that the Club prefers.

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Clubs in The Sims 4 can even have dress codes, rival Clubs, and favored hangout locations according to the overview of the “Get Together” gameplay mechanic. Since the expansion is now being delayed a month for additional work, Clubs will be getting a few new features. Instead of releasing in November, “Get Together” will release on December 8 in North America and everywhere else by the end of that week.

Players were notified of the release date change on The Sims 4 official website which also includes a few details on why the delay is occurring. Specifically, a few new features were mentioned that might not have been included if the delay was not happening. Of course, polish is one reason for the delay, but other additions are going to be added as well. A new interactive board game will be included for Sims to play and the natural pool will not have a diving spot.

For the onerous Club feature, this means further refinement to an already considerable concept. Developers already mentioned Clubs having a favorite hangout spot, but with the delay Clubs will be able to create their own “signature spot” within a world. Club members will have a fully customizable place to call their own whether it is a private room in a café or a whole biker bar for the local motorcycle club.

With “Get Together” delayed, the latest stuff pack might be the only bit of DLC available to The Sims 4 owners for a while. The “Spooky Stuff” pack released just last week giving players ample time to plan the perfect spooky party for Halloween. The stuff pack includes costumes, decorations, a few pieces of tattered furniture, and even a few new wall and floor options. All of which are themed around a frightful affair for the autumn season.

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As the Inquisitr noted, The Sims 4 pack also includes a couple of new gameplay objects with the addition of the Pumpkin Carving Station and the Spooky Candy Bowl. The former lets Sims create custom pumpkins to display around their homes or businesses, but they better watch out for mischievous Sims looking to smash their new creations. The Spooky Candy Bowl is perfect for the new spooky party option, and it might just surprise the average Sim or their guests.

Stuff packs containing some objects, items, and other goodies for The Sims 4 cost $9.99 while game packs, like “Outdoor Retreat” and “Spa Day” cost $19.99. Game packs offer a bit more to The Sims 4 experience than stuff packs do, but they still offer less than an expansion. Full expansion packs that add many more objects, Sim items, build items, and new gameplay features cost $39.99.

“Get To Work,” the first expansion to The Sims 4 is out now while the next expansion, “Get Together” has been delayed to release on December 8. “Get Together” will also cost $39.99 when it releases, and it can be pre-ordered now via Origin.

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