Who cares what Hulu is doing…

I've been watching the fuss being made over the fact that Hulu has decided to come out with a desktop application and the best I can come up with is a great big *YAWN* – who cares. After none of this changes the fact that Hulu is only available in the United States, and soon England. However Sean P. Aune over at StarterTech raised a point that seems to surface a lot these days.

He questioned why anyone would want to come out with a desktop application for a web based service, such as Hulu, when the market for such an application is in his opinion negligible

We say "unexpected" because it really only improves the viewing experience of the service for a very small percentage of users. If you have a Windows Media Center PC or a Mac, you can hook them up to your TV and then use the remote control from your computer to control the browsing of the service from anywhere else in the room that you want. While this is a nice idea, it still requires your computer to be hooked up to your TV, which means it has to be in physical proximity to your television set.

Sorry Sean, but not everyone wants to do everything out of a browser. In some cases having a desktop application for a service is preferable, just look at the popularity of desktop Twitter clients. Sure that market might be shifting but being able to corner a market such a Hulu wants to do means you need to cover all your bases. Do you think that Twitter would be as popular today as it is without those desktop clients? I don't.

So even though the geotarding crap that Hulu and their entertainment industry masters enforce on us is a major irritation and the biggest holdback to their success I think it's a good thing that they've gone this extra step. I know that if I could use Hulu I'd be downloading their desktop client right now, but I can't so again *YAWN*