‘Sister Wives’ Scandal: Maddie Brown Marrying Family Member

The Brown family from Sister Wives on TLC just can’t stay out of the headlines this week. A new scandal has been revealed, and it turns out that Maddie Brown’s new fiancé happens to be someone who is related to her. Reports came out not long ago that Maddie was engaged, but the Brown family didn’t share a lot about her fiancé, Caleb Brush. They did share a few photos and say that they are a perfect match for each other. Maddie Brown told everyone that she was not planning to live plural marriage and that her family is great with the decision. Radar Online is now sharing that there is a lot more to the Maddie and Caleb story than the Brown family is telling everyone.

Caleb Brush happens to be Maddie Brown’s aunt’s brother. The two are not related by blood, though. Caleb is the brother of Erica Brush Brown, who used to be married to Kody’s brother Curtis but is now a widow after he passed away in a motorcycle accident. This means Caleb and Maddie are not exactly related because it is all by marriage, but it is still an odd connection that has people wondering what is going on with this couple. You can easily assume that Caleb and Maddie know each other because of the family connection and time spent together over the years.

Caleb Brush

Caleb and Maddie have shared that they support that her family lives the polygamist lifestyle, and the Brown family supports that they don’t plan to live a polygamist lifestyle. The entire family was all over social networks gushing about how great things are between Caleb and Maddie and all about how they are the perfect couple. They seem to be a great match, and everything they are doing by marrying each other is totally legal. Maddie Brown is very happy with Caleb, according to the posts she is sharing about her love for him.

Maddie Brown also recently went to her Twitter account to share some of what is going on with them. Brown shared all about their religious choices and how they plan to live their life as a married couple. They have already decided on their church and more.

“Tweet 1 of 2: After being rejected from the LDS church because the public association with my family was too much controversy for the Mormon.”

“Tweet 2 of 2: Church. Caleb and I finally after 2 years started dating… I would say God had a plan in that. Caleb is a devout Christian and we are not a part, nor will we be, of the LDS (Mormon) church.”

The Brown family of Sister Wives has been dealing with a lot lately. News recently came out that Meri Brown was having an online relationship with someone who catfished her. The person described himself as a man named Sam, but it turns out it was a woman and she was totally tricking her. Meri left several voicemails and made it very obvious that she had feelings for this person that were a lot stronger than just a friendship. This all went down after Meri divorced Kody legally so that he could marry Robyn Brown and adopt her children. The two shared that it was only because of legal matters and that Kody and Meri are still spiritually married to each other.

'Sister Wives'

Do you think that Maddie Brown and Caleb Brush are fine to get married even though they are related by marriage? Sound off in the comments on your thoughts on this Sister Wives couple.

[Picture Source Twitter; Ethan Miller/Getty Images; Twitter]