‘Sister Wives’ News: Robyn Brown Allegedly Knew Meri Brown Was Being Catfished

Recently, Meri Brown of Sister Wives shared with the world that she was having an online relationship with what she thought was a man named Sam. It turned out that it was really a woman messaging Meri, and the reality TV star has since issued an apology to her fans. Meri also said that her family was sticking by her side through it all, but now it looks like that might not be the case. Now, In Touch Weekly is sharing that sources say her sister wife Robyn Brown knew all along that Meri was being played with and obviously she didn’t stop it.

A source close to the family is speaking out and saying that Robyn knew what was going on. It is heartbreaking to think that Robyn would let Meri be tricked and not put a stop to it if this is true. Meri and Robyn are still staying quiet about this part of the story. The source shared all about it.

Robyn absolutely knew from the beginning that Meri was being Catfished. Robyn sat back and just watched as the whole scam unraveled.

An insider also explained that Meri Brown started this relationship because she was unhappy in her marriage with Kody Brown. Viewers watched on Sister Wives as Kody Brown and Meri Brown got a divorce recently. Meri shared that it was only because she wanted Kody to be able to adopt Robyn Brown’s children from her first marriage. Meri has always said that she is still spiritually married to Kody regardless. It is starting to look like there is more to this story than the Brown family is telling everyone.

Meri Brown

Several voicemails from Meri Brown to her suitor, the person she thought was Sam, have been revealed. They show that Meri was obviously having an emotional relationship with this person. One voicemail that came out shows Meri’s feelings for this person.

“Being with you is very special to me. It really is. Please don’t take that away from us okay? It’s very special to me you know that… I guess I’ll just give you your space. I understand you need that. All of this just breaks my heart because I don’t know what is going on… Anyway I wish you weren’t so mad at me right now. I really hate it when you’re mad at me. I wish you weren’t mad.”

Enstarz shared that the rumors about Meri Brown have been flying for a while, but she has finally revealed that it is true by releasing a statement. The man she was talking to said his name was Samuel Cooper, but it turned out that it was a woman named Jackie Overton. The crazy thing is the online accounts ran by Sam still insist that he is a man and is real. Sam even went to his blog saying that he was sexually active with Meri Brown.

'Sister Wives'

Only time will tell if Meri and Kody Brown can make it through this hard time in their relationship. The voicemails to the person she thought was Sam prove that Meri Brown is not happy in her marriage and that there is something going on that fans are not being told. Now that Meri’s only daughter is out of the house, it would be a lot easier for her to move on.

New episodes of Sister Wives air on Sunday nights on TLC. At this time, the Brown family has not shared if any of this drama will end up airing on future episodes. Do you feel like Meri Brown will end up moving on from the Brown family? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts.

[Picture Source Ethan Miller/Getty Images; Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images; Twitter]