Jimmy Fallon’s Bittersweet ‘Box Of Lies’ With His ‘Forever Friend’ Julianne Moore

Jimmy Fallon competed with Oscar-winning actress Julianne Moore on The Tonight Show on Tuesday night, where the lying skills (is lying a skill?) of both contestants were put to the extreme test, as Hollywood Reporter mentioned.

As People reported, the 54-year-old actress competed against Jimmy Fallon on one of his most popular long-running games, “Box of Lies.” The aim of the game is for each contestant to take turns choosing one box out of a possible nine, unmarked, rectangular boxes, with each box containing random and usually very odd items. After a box is opened, the contestant who chose the box has to choose whether to tell the truth about the contents of the box, or to lie and make up anything they choose.

It is then up to the other contestant to work out whether their opponent is lying or telling the truth. Of course, the objects in the boxes are so strange that they sound like pure flights of fantasy, and most of the time the guessing opponent will have no clue whatsoever as to whether they are being told the truth or a whopping fat lie.

Julianne Moore went first, and got the upper hand on Jimmy Fallon after convincing him that she had opened a box containing a “super soft garbage can” (Jimmy Fallon is a new father, after all, perhaps he was thinking something along the lines of a plush Oscar doll from Sesame Street?).

Jimmy Fallon was up next, and he giggled as he found “something from his personal collection”: a scantily clad Ken doll (of Barbie and Ken fame) complete with rollerblades. Jimmy Fallon decided to lie, and made up an object so strange that it was almost believable.

“Now what it is – it is a book, with my name, Jimmy, in macaroni. But the book is Babysitters Club.”

Jimmy Fallon put on his best poker face and stared down Julianne Moore, while she stared right back and tried to detect any sense of a lie on his face. The pair then spent a good while giggling at each other, much to the audience’s amusement. Have we ever seen Jimmy Fallon go a full minute on air without treating the audience to his trademark giggle?

Somehow his giggling made it his story believable, and Julianne Moore found herself the victim of a Jimmy Fallon fib.

“I think you’re telling the truth,” Julianne decided. Jimmy Fallon couldn’t believe his luck: “You do?” “Yeah,” Julianne confirmed.

“Well then you should give me the scar because it’s not!”

Jimmy Fallon then revealed the Ken doll, which he referred to as a “naked Justin Bieber on rollerblades.”

“But it is from my personal collection. I’m so happy!”

The last box would be the tiebreaker, and it was Julianne’s turn to choose. Her box revealed a photo of herself with Jimmy Fallon, taken earlier in the show, with the inscription “Forever Friends.”

Next came the awkward part, where Julianne had clearly chosen to not tell the truth about the object (otherwise, she would have just come out with it!) but also was struggling to think of a lie.

“Oh, God, it’s a, um…” The actress began, followed by a ringing silence. “It’s, um [more silence] – it’s wide. It’s a wide [silence] like a paddled hairbrush with a silver handle…”

Jimmy Fallon couldn’t take it anymore.

“What is going on? Are you having a stroke, are you okay? You let me know. Are you smelling burnt toast?”

At that point it wouldn’t have mattered how else Julianne had described this fictional object, it was plainly obvious to everyone – Jimmy Fallon included – that she was lying through her teeth. And he promptly called her out on it: “you lie!”

The moment turned bittersweet when Julianne revealed to Jimmy Fallon what the item actually was.

“Oh no! That’s gonna make me cry!”

“It’s us, from moments ago!” Julianne explained. “How is that possible?” Jimmy said. “It’s a miracle!” Julianne laughed.

“I love you! You’re my friend forever! I’ll give you the win.”

[Photo: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Official YouTube Channel]

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