Tom Cruise Is ‘Totally Cool’ With Not Being Invited To Daughter’s Wedding?

Even if you support your child, why would you tell the press you are “totally cool” with your daughter not inviting you to her wedding? And then having to foot the bill? This is the case with the wedding of Isabella Cruise and her non-Scientologist husband. Considering what a rabid follower of Scientology Tom Cruise is, it’s more likely that he decided to skip it.

The Inquisitr reported that Cruise knew about the wedding, but chose not to attend, and neither did Isabella Cruise’s brother, Conner. Isabella married Max Parker, a non-Scientologist, who had Christian clergy at the wedding service. There are conflicting stories about whether or not the bride’s mother, Nicole Kidman, was in attendance, as Kidman was in London at the time, and was seen the night before out with the couple. Just after the wedding last month, Cruise changed her name to Isabella Parker.

The Mirror reported that Cruise claims that he is “totally cool” with being left out of the nuptials, and wasn’t fussed that he didn’t get to walk her down the aisle in the traditional (read non-Scientology) ceremony.

“A source told People magazine: ‘Tom approves of Max and is totally, totally fine with it.’ Really? We think most [dads] would be pretty upset.”

“None of the parents were invited, and Tom was totally cool with it,” they added: “Tom did pay for the ceremony.”

The Mirror said that Nicole Kidman was involved with all of the wedding planning, and was around at the time of the actual ceremony. For the record, Nicole Kidman no longer has anything to do with Scientology.

“Nicole was actually involved with the wedding preparations and she did have a private dinner with Bella and Max. But she didn’t go to the ceremony. Also, the animosity between Tom and Nicole was probably a factor.”

International Business Times is reporting that Cruise seems to be protesting a bit too much about being snubbed by his daughter on her wedding day. One daughter marries a non-Scientologist, and his other daughter, Suri, lives with her mother, Katie Holmes, who has also rejected the church? The Tom Cruise that fans know would not take this lying down, in fact, he would probably be at home, jumping up and down on a couch.

“Tom approves of Max and is totally, totally fine with it,” a source told the publication. “None of the parents were invited, and Tom was totally cool with it,” continued the source, before confirming that the actor “did pay for the ceremony.”

For a ceremony that was supposed to be top secret, Isabella posted photos on Facebook and other social media, but Tom Cruise shouldn’t worry, because it seems the groom’s parents were also stiffed.

The Telegraph is reporting that the timing and location of the wedding was related to the fact that Kidman was in town to do a play at the Noel Coward Theater. Though Cruise has been clear that he was okay with not being invited, he has made sure that the press knows that he did pay for the whole event at the Dorchester Hotel, which was reportedly very expensive.

“Tom picked up the bill and paid for everything, but it was decided that neither he nor Nicole should attend as it would have turned the whole event into a circus.”

Would you skip your child’s wedding? Do you believe that Cruise is really okay with being snubbed?

[Photo courtesy of Fox]