Spoilers For 'The Bachelorette:' Jed Wyatt's Mom 'Sets Off A Few Alarms' For Hannah Brown During Hometown Date

Hannah Brown is meeting four families during Episode 8 of ABC's The Bachelorette. Spoilers have teased that there may be some uncomfortable moments during these hometown dates, and a new sneak peek reveals that Jed Wyatt's family will be central to some awkward exchanges.

Good Morning America shares the preview from Monday's episode that focuses on Brown meeting the Wyatt family. The sneak peek shows Hannah, carrying a bouquet of flowers, and Jed walking up to the family's home.

The Bachelorette spoilers detail that Hannah will be open about how she feels she is falling in love with Jed. However, she may be left wondering if the two of them are on the same page. The preview shows Hannah talking with Jed's mom for a few minutes, and it looks as if things may not go quite how Hannah anticipated.

Jed's mom will acknowledge that the show is a pretty "dreamy" way to get to date someone. The Bachelorette spoilers share that she'll also say that she "knows Jed is just another guy."

Hannah will insist that Jed isn't "just another guy" at all. When pushed a bit by Jed's mom, she will insist that she isn't telling the other guys remaining that she's falling in love with them, too. In fact, Brown will say, Wyatt is the only one she has said that to at this point.

The topic of an ex-girlfriend whom Jed had dated for a long time prior to doing the show will come up during this chat. In addition, Hannah will ask if his mom sees her son as somebody ready to be serious and get engaged.
"He lives, he lives his life, before The Bachelorette... His path is different, very different. He's a musician."
After this chat, The Bachelorette spoilers reveal that Hannah will voice some concerns over what Jed's mom had to say. It seems that his mom kept things pretty vague, and Brown will admit that these responses have set off some red flags and alarm bells for her.

Another sneak peek shows that during this chat, Jed's mom will say that she has "no opinion" of Hannah. Viewers will have to tune in Monday night to see the context of this, but it does seem to hint that Hannah and Jed's mom don't necessarily click with one another very well.

Since filming this hometown date, and the final rose ceremony, Jed's ex-girlfriend Haley Stevens has spoken out about their relationship. As The Inquisitr detailed, she says that Wyatt did The Bachelorette solely for the exposure and that she and Jed were still very much a couple when he left for filming.

Those allegations have reportedly taken a serious toll on Hannah post-filming, and it certainly doesn't appear that any of this is shared with Brown during this hometown date with the Wyatt family.

Will this awkward conversation between Hannah and Jed's mom ruin his chance to get a rose? The Bachelorette spoilers suggest that he won't be bidding farewell to Hannah yet.

In fact, as The Inquisitr detailed, Hannah seems to have solid hometown dates with all four of her men. The Bachelorette spoilers tease that this leads to a "franchise first," and it means that Jed Wyatt and Hannah Brown's other remaining contenders will be around for a while longer yet.