Ready for the Latest Olympic “Cover-Up”?

Here’s a fun little addition to the Olympic Cover-Ups of 2008 files: Organizers have actually gone around Beijing and painstakingly covered the brand name on every object not made by an official Olympic sponsor. We’re talking elevators, sink faucets, even soap dispensers and urinals — all taped over so no one will accidentally see their logo and decide to buy one.

The International Olympic Committee calls it “brand protection,” according to a report in the Wall Street Journal Monday. Basically, they don’t want anyone to benefit from the millions of eyes without paying, well, millions of dollars.

Here’s where it gets especially interesting, though: The IOC says past Olympics have had the same procedures in place. The Journal points out, however, that it appears no other hosting nation has taken the policy as literally and to the same extreme that China has this time around. Dedicated workers have even been going as far as monitoring the taped-over logos and replacing them within minutes if one is removed.

No word on whether the girl who provided the opening ceremony vocals is required to wear tape on her face, too.